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SAN ANTONIO (WOAI/KABB) – An aggressive eviction attempt caught on camera shows an angry landlord who police say went too far trying to evict a local family.

“I remember him pointing a gun at all of us and that was the most scary part of my life,” said renter Jesse Servin.

Home security cameras captured a dramatic confrontation Jesse Servin and his family won’t soon forget.

His girlfriend and their three young children were asleep on August 15 when police say their landlord broke in, ready for battle.

“He had a sledge hammer, broke the door down,” Servin said. “He came in through the side door with a bullet proof vest, a rifle and led light and a handgun.”

Police placed Alberto Trevino in handcuffs as the video ends.

It all stems from partial rent payments due to the pandemic.

“As soon as Texas opened back up he wanted the full amount, and I told him I couldn’t promise him the full amount, I was still struggling,” Servin said.

Jesse says his hours as a server and bartender have been drastically reduced.

He says the first attempt to force him out was when the landlord changed the locks. He called police then.

“They told him it was illegal to force somebody out,” Servin said.

Jesse says the second attempt was when the air conditioner mysteriously went out. He says this text history with his landlord confirms his suspicion.

“His response was, ‘I killed it,’” Servin said. “I have a document for you to sign. You sign it, I turn it back on. You don’t sign it, I’m going to leave it off.”

The document was an agreement that would have forced the family out in three days. Jesse didn’t sign it.

“I don’t make enough money to move out and afford anywhere else,” Servin said.

That brings us back to the third attempt to evict the family.

Once inside, Jesse says his landlord went room to room pointing a gun and yelling.

“I want y’all out, I’m tired of it,” Servin recounted. “I don’t want y’all here. Get out, get out. My daughter was crying, my children were crying.”

No one answered when we tried to get the landlord’s side of the story. He happens to live next door.

Jesse says while he was held at gunpoint outside the home, his girlfriend called police.

Officers showed up and arrested Trevino. He was charged with felony burglary with intent to commit assault.

“I was really, really scared, i was shaking,” Servin said. “I just thought about my kids. I didn’t want them to see me get shot.”

On Friday, Mayor Ron Nirenberg put into place another temporary ban on residential evictions.

Property owners could be fined up to $1,000 for each violation.



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