5 Tips for Listing Your Rental on Social Media

Social media listing Shutterstock_2253819141 (1) Social media has become increasingly popular for rental listings. It’s a good way to reach people looking for rentals, but it also helps potential renters learn more about what you have to offer. In a world where most adults spend well over two hours per day on social media, it makes sense for property managers to market their rentals online. This guide will look at the best tips to help you attract potential renters when you list your rental on social media. 

1. Write a Detailed Listing

When listing your rental property on social media, you’ll want to be as detailed as possible to ensure that anyone interested in the space will find it. While it may seem tedious to write a long description, it’s crucial for finding renters.

Write down how many bedrooms there are, how many bathrooms, and the square footage of the apartment or house. Be thorough with what you offer regarding laundry facilities, parking spaces, and cable TV access. 

Consider including a brief description of where the property is located so interested viewers know if it’s close to retail stores, grocery stores, restaurants, and other places of interest.

2. Include Local Keywords in Your Rental Listings

You may know that a good rental listing should include keywords specific to your property. But it’s important to also incorporate local keywords into your listing to attract relevant searches. 

For example, if you’re located near a school, write that you’re “within walking distance to the State College” or that you’re “near the State College trolley station.” 

If you don’t have a specific landmark nearby, include the neighborhood name in your listing title. If there aren’t any official neighborhoods in your area, use general terms like “downtown” or “uptown” instead. 

This will help ensure that people searching for rentals in your area can find your listing.

3. Use High-Quality Images to Show Off Your Property

When posting pictures of your rental property on social media, make sure they’re high quality and provide an honest representation of what the place looks like. 

If possible, try to hire a professional photographer for this task. It might cost more than taking photos yourself, but it’ll pay off when you attract higher-quality applicants who can see how nice the place is. Plus, many photographers offer deals on multiple listings if you need to list more than one property at once.

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4. Choose the Right Platform

Some social networks are better at reaching certain audiences than others, so you must choose the right platform for your audience. The younger generation uses Instagram and Snapchat more than older adults. Other platforms like Twitter have a broad demographic that includes people in all age groups. 

Consider which of these platforms would be best for reaching potential renters when deciding where to list your rental property.

In general, Facebook is a great choice to list a rental property. The platform allows for targeted advertisements, so you can reach people who are actively looking for a place to live in your neighborhood. 

Additionally, Facebook’s integrated Marketplace features make it easy for your audience to see pictures and detailed information about the property and its location. 

Instagram is another good choice to advertise rental properties. The platform’s focus on visuals lets you truly show what makes your community or house unique, encouraging more interest in the property. 

5. Treat It Like a Marketing Campaign

Millions of companies advertise on social media. By following the same strategies they use to generate traffic and attract customers, you can generate interest in your rental property. 

Start by identifying your target audience—who is most likely to rent from you? For example, if you rent in a college town, your audience may include college students and their parents. You can use this information as a foundation for your listings and your keyword strategy. 

As with any ad campaign, look at your analytics and make adjustments as necessary. When you let your social media insights lead your decision-making process while marketing your property—rather than acting based on emotion—you’ll have a higher chance of success. 

Create a Successful Social Media Marketing Campaign for Your Rental Listing

Listing a rental property on social media can be an excellent way to generate interest and attract potential renters to your unit or community. You can optimize your social media presence and get the most value out of your listings by following the tips above.

Source: PayRent