Knowing the Rental History of Every Rental Applicant is Crucial to Determining the Best-Qualified Applicant

It is imperative that landlords obtain a comprehensive rental history on every adult applicant to determine the best-qualified rental applicants. You can no longer accept the word of an applicant claiming to have a blemish-free rental history. In these days of savvy scammers, you want to protect your reputation and your investment in your rental properties. One of the most important means of doing so is by obtaining a comprehensive rental history report on every adult, including co-applicants.

The American Apartment Owners Association provides thorough rental history report information when you need it.

The American Apartment Owners Association is the largest landlord association in the country. We recognize the needs of landlords who do not want their rental properties sitting empty, yet do not want to hand over the keys to the first applicant who comes along. AAOA also understands that conducting a comprehensive rental history check is crucial and that getting results without a long wait is important. Credit reporting agencies often keep you waiting, first to demand that you provide verification that the rental applicant authorized the release of his or her credit report information to you. Then they keep you waiting again until they decide to provide you with the credit report on your applicant. Avoid the long wait by trusting AAOA for all your rental history needs. The rental history report we provide on each of your applicants is often in real time and contains the most up-to-date information. You only have to wait for results of the credit report, but you do not have to wait for long. Your applicant simply responds to our email to verify his or her identity. Then the applicant verifies authorizing the credit report portion of the rental history check.

Rental History

All rental history packages include credit reports.

There is no need to cut corners on the rest of the rental history screening. This is because the cost of the comprehensive rental history report is often passed on to the applicant. If your applicant honestly wants to rent your property as their home, the prospective tenant should not object to paying for the rental history screening.

TeleCheck Check Verification – Avoid renting to applicants with a history of tendering bad checks when you include the TeleCheck verification as part of your rental history report. Discover whether your applicant writes bad checks, demonstrating a pattern of reckless financial behavior.

Eviction History – The credit report only provides information on whether the applicant demonstrates a pattern of paying bills on time. It provides no information on an applicant’s eviction history. It is imperative to include the eviction history report in every rental history screening package. Avoid renting to applicants who go from one rental property to another, hoping the landlord will not discover their eviction history.

Criminal History – Conducting a criminal history search is crucial to every rental history report. Criminals often use rental properties to hide from authorities or to conduct their criminal activities. The only way you can discover if the applicant has a criminal history is to include it in your rental history package. Protect your investment in your rental properties and your other tenants from criminals hoping to move into one of your rental properties. You have the option to obtain criminal history results on a state-specific or national level.

Terrorist and sex offender – The terrorist and sex offender records check searches federal databases to determine if your applicant is a terrorist or sex offender. Protect your reputation as a landlord who only rents to highly-qualified applicants when you include the terrorist and sex offender searches in every rental history report package.

Social Security Number Fraud Check– Identity theft is on the rise so landlords have to take extreme caution when verifying the identity of every adult applicant. One of the best ways to catch an identity thief is to include the social security number fraud check every time you conduct a rental history check. Learn whether the social security number given by the applicant matches the name on file for that social security number. Cross reference other information given by your applicant to see if it matches the information provided in the results of the social security number fraud check.

AAOA is the most trusted name in rental history report packages and provides for all your rental history needs.

The American Apartment Owners Association takes pride in providing the most recent information available every time you order your rental history packages. Every package features easy to access, easy to read rental history reports.