Tenant Screening Reviews

Conducting tenant screening reviews requires you to maintain a consistent process every time that you screen a rental applicant. State laws and even local ordinances may have an effect on tenant screening questions. Taking the time and effort to update your tenant screening review process periodically is also imperative to ensure an impartial and relevant tenant screening services review process.

The American Apartment Owners Association is the largest landlord association in the U.S. and a trusted source for providing tenant screening reviews.

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AAOA knows how important it is that landlords only rent to the best-qualified applicants. AAOA provides comprehensive tenant screening reviews that ask the right questions. Many of the tenant screening services review comments attest to the expertise of the American Apartment Owners Association in providing easy-to-access, reliable tenant screening services.


Performing thorough tenant screening reviews is the best way to ensure that you weed out unqualified rental applicants. Identity theft is the fastest growing crime in the United States. You can avoid becoming a victim of identity thieves who rent your property using the identity of another unsuspecting person. Criminals and those with an eviction history often hope landlords fail to ask tenant screening questions that would exclude them from consideration. When you trust AAOA for all your tenant screening needs you get the most comprehensive tenant screening reviews available, usually in real-time.

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Tenant Screening Reviews

There are tips for guaranteeing the best tenant screening reviews.

Do not let yourself fall victim to the applicant with cash-in-hand to pay the deposit and rent. This is a crucial mistake that can result in a landlord handing over the keys to someone with a criminal history, even those with serious offenses like terrorism or sex offender crimes. Just asking about an applicant’s eviction history is not enough. You have to get the results of the comprehensive tenant screening review that gives you up-to-date, reliable information. A credit report is not enough to determine the best rental applicant. You also do not want to rely on credit reporting agencies to give you the credit report when you really need it.

With AAOA tenant screening review process, you could potentially have the credit report in your hands once the applicant simply responds to a brief email to verify their identity and authorize releasing their credit report to you. If the company providing all your tenant screening reviews is reliable and trustworthy, their own tenant screening services reviews customer comments will attest to their excellence in providing great services.

“This is an excellent service. It has truly helped our decision-making processes for renting our properties.” – Arlene W.

Landlords need to learn more detailed information than information provided during basic tenant screening.

Conducting complete tenant screening reviews means depending on a reliable tenant screening company to provide you with the most thorough tenant screening services available.

Eviction History – The eviction history is the only way to determine if your prospective tenant has an eviction history. Some companies may lead you to believe that a credit report reveals this information but it does not.

Criminal History – Your local records search does not reveal anything other than local crimes. Your comprehensive tenant screening services review gives you options to search criminal records on state and federal levels.

Social Security Number Fraud Alert– Applicants with an eviction history or criminal records may give you an incorrect social security number, hoping you will not discover their eviction or criminal history or true identity. Asking the right tenant screening questions allows you to discover which applicants are truthful and which ones fail to disclose vital information.

There are tips for choosing the ideal company to provide all your tenant screening reviews.

Relying on just one company to provide the comprehensive tenant screening services you need when screening applicants saves you time and money. You get all the reports you need when you need them, with a variety of package options to choose from. The tenant screening reviews should also provide the most up-to-date information available and ask the right tenant screening questions.

When choosing an ideal company, look at their tenant screening services review section to view comments from other customers.

Look for comments about customer service, comprehensive tenant screening and pricing.

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When you understand that tenant screening is a process that involves more than asking a few basic questions you can eliminate unqualified applicants quickly. Understanding the necessity for a company that provides comprehensive tenant screening packages to meet your needs that also has exceptional tenant screening services review comments means you are trusting an ideal tenant screening company.

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