United Landlords of AmericaThe American Apartment Owners Association welcomes all members of the United Landlords of America (ULofA) and all United Landlords of America affiliates. Since 2004, AAOA has been providing landlords with services including tenant screening, educational webinars, landlord tenant law, state-specific landlord legal forms, and more.


In September of 2007, the United Landlords of America was merged into AAOA and all United Landlords of America members were automatically provided memberships in American Apartment Owners Association.


The American Apartment Owners Association is looking forward to helping all United Landlord of America members and look forward to a long relationship. AAOA representatives are standing by to assist you with downloading rental applications, reading a tenant background check, attending webinars, assisting with state-specific legal forms, and more. If you were a member of United Landlords of America and did not receive notification of the merger and your new username and password, please contact AAOA member services at 866-579-AAOA (2262).

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