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Join the American Apartment Owners Association and receive the support of thousands of other income property owners, managers, and property management companies. Share questions and needs with landlords around the country in a real-time forum. Learn the newest and most comprehensive management techniques from expert authors, books and articles. Most importantly, Join the American Apartment Owners Association and learn how to enhance your bottom line and succeed in real estate investments.

  • Learn How To turn your investment property into a true money machine
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  • Learn How To screen out the bad tenants
  • Learn How To rent vacant units quickly
  • Learn How To get the best prices for vendors, materials, and supplies

Rental Property: The American Apartment Owners Association is here to help property owners, managers and investors. No other association provides the ongoing support in every phase of property management. We are here for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Helping income property owners, apartment managers and landlords is our first order of business. We provide free tenant screening to all paid members. Access eviction reports, criminal background reports and previous address history reports all at deeply discounted prices. Besides tenant screening, the American Apartment Owners Association provides free tenant rental applications and many other landlord forms. Most importantly, we provide the overall assistance that apartment managers and landlords demand; we are always available online. If you need legal services or quick repair tips, you can find all of your answers online, anytime. AAOA offers directories for apartment insurance, income property loans and finance, rental agencies, property management companies and real estate agents. All of this, and much more, is always available online, 24/7.