AAOA Free Rental Property Management Help and Services

Membership in the American Apartment Owners Association’s is your key to success. Our friendly member services staff is ready to help you with any questions or free rental property management needs you may have. American Apartment Owners Association is the total management resource you have been looking for. At AAOA you’ll have access to all aspects of property management. We offer a host of resources including tenant screening, nationwide vendors, free legal forms and tenant forms, all of which amounts to free rental property management help!
Free Service

Free Rental Property Management Services:

  • Access to more than 100,000 vendors: Vendors, handymen, material suppliers and local merchants are displayed in a nationwide database. This is the largest database of its kind. Members have unlimited access to search for help and solicit competitive bids from as many vendors as they need. Our list of vendors is a database of nearly 100 categories are populated with vendors from every state and every major population area. Many vendors offer special discounts to AAOA members.
  • Legal Forms and Tenant Forms: Landlord forms, also know as tenant forms, for virtually any need. We offer free legal forms and other discounted tenant forms for every state and application.
  • Daily Property Management News Articles:A national news service provides specialized articles and updates specifically for real estate investors. Articles are available daily and archived for your convenience.
  • Access to Tenant Registry: The Tenant Registry is free to members only. Members may search the Tenant Registry as frequently as needed for delinquent or problem tenants. The Tenant Registry is an exclusive service of AAOA and is updated daily. It is a nationwide database of tenants that have been reported to AAOA for chronic non-payment of rent, causing property damage, using fraudulent information on applications or creating a disturbance on the property and causing damage.
  • Do it Yourself Tips:A complete library of helpful hints, repair and maintenance tips and management recommendations are available to search. Find tips on tenant screening, fraud detection, rent collection as well as how to repair everything from a leaky roof to a leaky sink. There are hundreds of how-to articles and directives with more contributed frequently. If it’s not there, we’ll help you find it.
  • Access to Legal Services Directory: Transactional real estate attorneys and eviction specialists are provided in this national directory of over 1,000 attorneys, eviction services and helpful links to landlord/tenant laws.
  • Email of Specific Articles of Interest: Whatever your specific investment or geographic interest may be, we will automatically scan news articles relevant to your needs and email them to you at your request.
  • Access to Thousands of Archived News Articles:News articles are archived and available for unlimited searching. A virtual library of past articles relevant to investing, taxes and other relevant items are maintained in an easy to search database.
  • Weblog to Connect with Other Landlords: Share your needs and wants with other AAOA members. Communicate with other landlords all over the country. Our unique “blog” bulletin board lets you exchange ideas, get suggestions and help others in the landlord community.
  • Personal Account Manager: Every member will be assigned an Account Manager from our member services department. This individual will be available during normal business hours to help you with your specific needs and questions. If you wish, you can create a personal profile explaining your investment interests and goals. Should any new products, news or services become available that fit your profile, your Account Manager will notify you.
  • Real Estate Glossary: Nearly 1,000 words and terms specific to the real estate industry and apartment investments have been compiled for the American Apartment Owners Association glossary. Available for free to all members, you can search the glossary online alphabetically or by specific word or term search. Providing instant access to knowledge is why the AAOA is your best friend in the apartment business.
  • Inspection Guide: American Apartment Owners Association now has an online inspection guide. Complete with color photographs, the inspection guide is a useful tool when you need help recognizing a defect or damage. Covering hundreds of topics from foundations to roofs, the guide will help you spot construction problems before it is too late. Each topic has a detailed explanation to help you decide what is the appropriate remedy.
  • The above represents only some of the free rental property management help and services provided by AAOA!