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What you Wish you Had Known about Utilities and How Much You’re Leaving on the Table

Presented by Multifamily Utility

There are so many myths about multifamily utilities. Some owners and managers think charging a flat rate or including them in rent is an incentive. It can be, but it can backfire in so many ways. In this fun session, you can get all your utilities questions answered. You’ll understand how 2020 has changed the multifamily landscape forever and know how to recover one of your highest expenses while keeping your residents happy.

Speaker: Ryan Hemphill, Director of Major Accounts

Learn How to Fill Vacancies Faster

Presented by the American Apartment Owners Association

Around the country states and municipalities have been legislating to force landlords to offer a security deposit alternative. Learn how this can help both you and the tenant effectuate a faster approval, reduce move-in expenses, lower vacancy time and reimburse you for eviction costs.

Speaker: Alexandra Alvarado, Director of Education

Estate Planning for Rental Owners

Presented by BarthCalderon LLP

Join us to hear from nationally recognized speaker and estate planning attorney, Brad Barth, who will show you how estate planning integrates with rental income property ownership. This includes passing your rental business to heirs, effects of Trump’s tax plan, updating your plan for different stages of your life, and more.

Speaker: Bradley Barth, Esq., Supervising Attorney

The Legal Aspects of Managing Income Property in the Year of COVID-19

Presented by Brewer Offord & Pedersen LLP

Learn how to navigate the CDC’s federal eviction moratorium and keep current about new laws regarding COVID-19 that may be affecting your bottom line. Two eviction attorneys will cover your options if a tenant stops paying rent and how to reduce new legal liabilities.

Speakers: Attorneys Adam L. Pedersen, Esq. and Ashlee D. Gonzales, Esq.

Smart Tech and Access Control in a World of Social Distancing

Presented by Homebase

Despite the challenges for multifamily owners and managers, renters’ demand for smart home technologies continues to grow. Chief among those demands is the desire for smart access control, especially in a word of social distancing. Join us to learn what smart access solutions are available today and how to best implement them for your property’s future.

Speakers: Blake Miller, Founder and Katie Fulghum, VP of Growth and Development

Real Estate Investing Roundtable

Presented by Rentometer

Join us for a special live roundtable event with real estate industry experts. Discover their tips and methods for identifying and profiting from rental investment properties. Hosted by former CBS anchor Meaghan Corson. Sponsored by Rentometer.
Speakers: Gino Barbaro Co-Founder of Jake & Gino, Michael Lapsley President of Rentometer, David Pere CEO, Tracy Ma Founder of Financial Nirvana Mama

Exchange Your Rental for a Different Lifestyle

Presented by 1031 Capital Solutions

Rick Gann, Managing Partner at 1031 Capital Solutions, will help you assess whether it’s time to sell your rental and provide 1031 exchange replacement strategies that can minimize taxes and ultimately change your life as a rental investor.

Speaker: Richard D. Gann, JD, President

Panel Discussion: COVID-19 and Your Investment Property

Presented by the American Apartment Owners Association

As COVID-19 continues to wreak havoc on the rental housing market, we have assembled a panel of experts to discuss the current status of valuations, financing, sales and acquisitions for residential housing. Learn the impact COVID-19 has had and how to navigate your investment strategy in a pandemic.

Speakers: Blake Janover, CEO of Janover Ventures | Stacy Conkey, VP of Warriors of Wealth | Gonzalo Alvarado, CEO of First Choice Appraisals, Inc.

Fighting Rising Insurance Costs in a Pandemic

Presented by InsuranceHub

Renewal rates for multifamily insurance rose 33% over the past year, further squeezing landlord profits during a challenging period to collect rent. What can landlords do about this? Insurance expert, Lauren Lieb, will show you insider tricks to lower your insurance rates without sacrificing coverage or switching your carrier.

Speaker: Lauren Lieb, Sr. Commercial Risk Advisor

Safe Refinishing During a Pandemic

Presented by Refinished Bath Solutions

Get empowered to refinish and remodel in a healthy and environmentally conscious way. Remodeling pros from Refinished Bath Solutions will discuss the dangers of methylene chloride and nonylphenol- a chemical more commonly used than you think. Learn what to do when your contractor is using these products, safe alternatives, and how COVID fits into your renovation plan.

Speaker: John P. Mullen, Vice President

Addressing Service and Assistance Animal Fraud

Presented by Opening Doors

Service/emotional support animal requests are on the rise. Many landlords have become frustrated with the ease in which residents can be “certified”, but there are ways to push back on questionable requests. Our speaker, Abby Volin, President of Opening Doors, will show you how to say no and avoid costly fair housing penalties.

Speaker: Abby Volin, Esq., President

Data Breach & Cyber Liability

Presented by Methven Agency

When a third-party vendor breaches your client data, YOU’RE still responsible. Do you know if you’re properly insured? Tune in to learn more with Vicky Methven of Methven Agency about your ever-changing risks and how to have the right coverage to protect your assets and those of your clients.

Speaker: Vicky Methven, Founder

Protecting Your Rental Assets and Reducing Liability

Presented by BarthCalderon LLP

There are over 30 million lawsuits filed in the U.S. each year. If you get caught up in one of these it can mean a ton of financial and emotional pain. Asset protection is about putting a thoughtful plan in place to guard the assets you have worked so hard to create. There are unique tools and strategies that can protect your business, rental income property and your stocks, bonds & cash. Brad will tell you all about them.

Speaker: Bradley Barth, Esq., Supervising Attorney

Screening Tenants in a Troubled Economy

Presented by the American Apartment Owners Association

With unemployment and pending evictions both at record highs and the country dealing with the economic woes of a pandemic, it’s never been more critical to screen an applicant. Learn how to approve an applicant and protect yourself.

Speaker: Alexandra Alvarado, Director of Education

Deferring Capital Gains Taxes without Using a 1031 Exchange

Presented by Financial Tax Strategies

Investment property owners often feel very stuck. They’d like to sell their highly appreciated property to pay off debt or invest in something else and retire, but this could mean paying more taxes. Learn from Scott Varney, CEO of Financial Tax Strategies, how you can defer your tax bill for 30 years without a 1031 exchange.

Speaker: Scott Varney, Capital Gains Tax Strategist




Learn renovation strategies from nationally recognized interior designer on HGTV’s Extreme Home Makeover: Home Edition!, DIY Channel, and Travel Channel.


Losing his football career at 35 to an injury, Joe learned how to reinvent in the face of adversity. Learn how you can too!


Hilarious speaker with 20 years of experience. Charles is an income property owner and author of 4 best-selling books about achieving success. Get motivated to take your rental business to the next level.


Featured actor on Hallmark Channel, NCIS, and others, Scott is an acclaimed keynote speaker and the best selling author of ‘The Levity Effect’ and “People People”. He’ll teach you how lightening up and understanding people can drive real business.

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