AAOA Super Saver

The American Apartment Owners Association is excited to announce three new alliances to help save you money. Effective June 1, AAOA has joined with Sprint, FedEx and Staples to provide members with significant discounts on their products and services. These new alliances have been packaged together as our Super Saver option.

Super Saver is available to all members. Free and Limited members can upgrade to Super Saver for only $ 19.95 per year and new Premium members receive Super Saver for free! Additionally, all new contractors registering with our contractor directory will automatically receive all of the benefits of Super Saver for free.

Sprint is a leading provider of cell phone service offering a variety of plans as well as the newest state-of-the-art phones. Savings with Sprint include a 17% discount off of regular published Sprint rates and a special $ 100 credit for any new corporate accounts signing up during June. This is a perfect opportunity for all AAOA members to upgrade their phones and plans at huge savings.

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