Conducting Comprehensive Tenant Screening Reports Helps Your Highly Qualified Rental Applicants Rise to Top of Applicant List

Choosing which applicants make the best tenants sometimes seems daunting if not impossible. Unfortunately, landlords sometimes make the crucial mistake of choosing the applicant with cash in hand as their new tenant. The fact that an applicant hands over cash does not mean that person is the best-qualified applicant. It simply means that is the applicant with the most money in their wallet when you showed the property. If you fail to conduct a comprehensive tenant screening report, that money might just be the last money you receive from that tenant. That is one of the primary reasons that obtaining an array of tenant screening reports is crucial.

A tenant screening credit check is included with every tenant screening report package

The American Apartment Owners Association understands that you need the most thorough tenant screening report available on each adult applicant. We provide the most comprehensive tenant screening report available with every package. In appreciation for landlords relying on AAOA for all their tenant screening reports, we provide the tenant screening credit report free of charge. The tenant screening credit check shows whether the applicant demonstrates the ability and willingness to pay rent on time. Learn whether an applicant pays accounts and takes care of other financial obligations in a timely manner or blatantly ignores financial obligations. With the tenant screening report free of charge, you can focus more on other essential tenant screening report results. However, you should not worry about the cost of any tenant screening report since the cost is often passed on to the applicant.

The applicant should not object to paying for the tenant screening reports if the applicant truly wants to make your rental property their new home. This easily allows you to choose from among AAOA tenant screening report packages that best suits your needs. Watch your highly qualified applicants rise to the top once you obtain the tenant screening credit check results.

When you choose to receive a comprehensive tenant screening report from AAOA on every adult applicant, you get real results in real time

All our tenant screening reports are up-to-date and often provided in real time. The only exception is the tenant screening credit check. However, you obtain the fastest results available, saving considerable time over having to wait for credit reporting agencies to send you the tenant screening credit report. We simply direct your applicant to reply to our email to verify his or her identity and authorize release of the tenant screening credit check to you.

Tenant Screening Report

AAOA is your go-to source whenever you need tenant screening reports.

As the largest landlord association in the U.S., AAOA recognizes that your time is valuable. That is why we give you tenant screening report results when you need them.

Eviction History – The tenant screening credit report provides information related to an applicant’s payment history but does not include other essential tenant screening report information such as whether the tenant has an eviction history. Including the eviction history report helps you determine if the applicant has a history of evictions from other rental properties.

Previous Address Tenant History – Applicants with an eviction history, a history of damaging rental properties or other lease violations often try to hide the information by simply omitting the previous address when completing the rental application. Quickly learn whether your applicant failed to disclose previous addresses. When you choose to run the previous address tenant history with your tenant screening report information, you also discover if the applicant’s name matches the name associated with the stated previous address.

Social Security Number Fraud Check– Identity theft is the fastest-growing crime in the country. Including the social security number fraud check allows you to quickly determine if the social security number and name given by your applicant match. Identity thieves may give you a social security number that the applicant knows belongs to someone else. The applicant could also simply make up a social security number, hoping you will not find out.

Criminal History – The criminal history provides you with crucial information that can actually help you protect your investment in your rental properties. If your applicant sets up shop conducting criminal activities on your rental property, many courts hold landlords legally liable should someone get hurt. Protect yourself and others when you include the criminal history in all your tenant screening report searches.

Terrorist and sex offender – Search federal databases to determine if a sex offender or terrorist applied to rent one of your properties.

Quickly eliminate unqualified applicants with thorough AAOA tenant screening report packages that provides easy to access, comprehensive, reliable tenant screening reports.