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Rental Application Form

What is a Rental Application Form?
A basic rental application is a two-page document used by a landlord to collect a minimal amount of personal information about the new tenant looking to apply for the rental. The form assists the landlord in vetting the applicant and helps to confirm rental history, employment, income, and more. The rental application form is the first step in the renting process.

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Rental application forms vary but usually require the prospective tenant to provide personal details including the their full name, social security number, date of birth, and prior address. Additional details generally include information regarding employment, income, pets, additional occupants, contact information, and more.

The rental application form also requests the prospective tenant to sign and date a consent section allowing the landlord to obtain a proper tenant screening report.

Once you've received a completed rental application the next step is to order a tenant screening report.

AAOA also offers a comprehensive rental application requiring the tenant to share more personal details which assists you in properly vetting them for your rental.

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