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Rental Application Form (Comprehensive)

What is a Rental Application Form (Comprehensive)?
A comprehensive rental application goes above and beyond the basic rental application and consists of a six-page application. The application process is an extremely important one and all landlords should be screening tenants with the utmost care and attention. This comprehensive rental application form is a crucial part in the rental process.

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A comprehensive rental application form requires the prospective tenant to share their full name as well as the names of other occupants and all their social security numbers, dates of birth, driver's licenses, employment and income details, prior addresses, pets, contact information, emergency contact information, and more.

AAOA's comprehensive form also requests the applicant to consent to being screened allowing you, the landlord or manager, to legally process a tenant screening report. Keep in mind depending on how you are qualified to obtain credit information, the tenant screening company may still need to contact the tenant to obtain additional verification to ensure the safe release of their credit data.

Once you've received a completed rental application the next step is to order a tenant screening report.

AAOA also offers a basic rental application if you're looking for a less thorough form.

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