The American Apartment Owners Association, the largest landlord association in the country offers a variety of tenant screening services to meet all your tenant screening service needs

The American Apartment Owners Association is the most-trusted name in tenant screening services. Landlords and property owners across the country count on AAOA to deliver the best in comprehensive tenant screening service packages. AAOA recognizes that, as a landlord, whether you have one or two rental properties or hundreds of rental properties, you need the very best tenant screening services available. When you order all your tenant screening service packages from AAOA, you have the option to choose from a variety of packages that meet your specific needs.

Perhaps you have a prospective tenant standing in your office or an applicant who called already this morning wanting to know if their application to rent one of your properties is approved. We understand that the speed of tenant screening services is sometimes a factor, which is one of the reasons that AAOA offers tenant screening for landlords that is easy, providing the most up-to-date information at affordable rates when you need it. Credit reporting agencies can slow the tenant screening process by forcing you to wait on the credit report by requiring proof that each applicant provided you with authorization to release the report. At AAOA, you get the credit report much quicker when the applicant simply responds to our email instructing the applicant to visit our website, verify their identity and authorize the release of their credit report to you.

American Apartment Owners Association recognizes that your time is valuable and offers a wide range of tenant screening services in real time.

Landlords may sometimes not realize that a credit report does not provide comprehensive tenant screening services. It only provides information about the applicant’s credit history. Obtaining the complete information to thoroughly screen each of your applicants requires much more than just a credit report.

Our tenant screening packages give you options to select the tenant screening packages that best meets your needs. No matter which tenant screening service packages you select, you can feel confident that the results are accurate and current, often in real time. An applicant may apply to rent one of your properties with an eviction in progress, assuming that you will not know since the applicant is not yet evicted. The applicant may have a criminal record in another state. With AAOA tenant screening services information, you get accurate results that can inform you about the eviction in progress or past criminal offenses. When you need to search for comprehensive tenant screening records, remember that AAOA is the country’s largest landlord association and dedicated to quickly providing you with the best tenant screening services available.

Tenant Screening Services

Protect your rental property investment with AAOA tenant screening services that are accurate, easy to access and easy to read, allowing you to avoid poorly qualified prospective tenants.

Rental applicants will sometimes reveal a temporary financial hardship due to job loss, reduced hours or an emergency that required juggling of some financial responsibilities. Other applicants will flat out lie to you, assuming you will never know about information that would result in automatic disqualification from renting from you. Trust AAOA to provide comprehensive tenant screening for landlords and avoid renting to tenants who are unlikely to pay rent on time and may damage your rental property. The results of the tenant screening services can help protect your rental property investment.

Credit Report – Discover whether your applicants pay their bills on time, had a temporary financial hardship that is now resolved or have a history of blatant financial irresponsibility.

Eviction History – It is crucial to include the eviction history report in all your tenant screening service packages. You can choose to search on a state specific or national level.

Criminal History – AAOA features state and national criminal history reports that allow you to get results immediately. Get reliable, accurate information with our tenant screening services for landlords that offers real-time criminal history reports.

Sex Offender Search – Sex offender searches provide tenant screening services that includes information on high-risk sex offenders, who may relocate in attempt to hide their sex offender history. We conduct state and national searches.

Terrorist – AAOA carefully searches lists maintained by the Office of Foreign Assets Control of the U.S. Department of Treasury.

Previous Address Tenant History – Prospective tenants may leave a former address off your rental application to hide a poor rental history. Discover the truth with our up-to-date search.

Learn more about these and other comprehensive tenant screening services featured by the American Apartment Owners Association. Get started on obtaining the best tenant screening services for landlords right now.