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The rental agreement is just one of the very important Maryland Landlord Forms essential to every landlord tenant relationship. Maryland Landlord Tenant Law governs landlord tenant relationships and protects the rights of each party, as well as setting forth the responsibilities of the parties to a Maryland Landlord Tenant agreement. It is therefore crucial that all your Maryland Landlord Forms will stand up in court should an issue under Maryland Landlord Tenant Laws ever arise. Lessen the chances that you will end up on the losing end of a court decision by utilizing proper Maryland Landlord Forms with every tenancy in all of your rental properties in the State of Maryland, whether you have one property or several hundred rental properties.

Maryland Landlord Forms

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The information contained herein is not to be considered a substitute for the legal advice of an attorney. If you have questions regarding Maryland Landlord Tenant Law or believe that you have a legal case regarding landlord tenant laws in the State of Maryland, you should seek the advice of an attorney.

The American Apartment Owners Association can provide you with the rental agreement, move in/move out checklist, security deposit disposition, rent receipts, notice of entry, mold addendum, past due rent and extension of lease notices. Maryland Landlord Tenant Law requires that “any landlord who offers 5 or more dwelling units for rent in the State may not rent a residential dwelling unit without using a written lease,” under § 8-208. Even if you are landlord to fewer than five units it is in the best interest of all the parties that a written lease is signed by the parties. The written lease must not provide for any terms that violate Maryland Landlord Tenant Laws, according to 8-208(2) (d), including the following:

(1) Has the tenant authorize any person to confess judgment on a claim arising out of the lease;

(2) Has the tenant agree to waive or to forego any right or remedy provided by applicable law;

(3) (i) Provides for a penalty for the late payment of rent in excess of 5% of the amount of rent due for the rental period for which the payment was delinquent; or

(ii) In the case of leases under which the rent is paid in weekly rental installments, provides for a late penalty of more than $ 3 per week or a total of no more than $ 12 per month;

(4) Has the tenant waive the right to a jury trial;

(5) Has the tenant agree to a period required for landlord’s notice to quit which is less than that provided by applicable law; provided, however, that neither party is prohibited from agreeing to a longer notice period than that required by applicable law;

(6) Authorizes the landlord to take possession of the leased premises, or the tenant’s personal property unless the lease has been terminated by action of the parties or by operation of law, and the personal property has been abandoned by the tenant without the benefit of formal legal process;

(7) Is against public policy and void pursuant to § 8-105 of this title; or

(8) Permits a landlord to commence an eviction proceeding or issue a notice to quit solely as retaliation against any tenant for planning, organizing, or joining a tenant organization with the purpose of negotiating collectively with the landlord.

The Maryland Landlord Forms ensures there are no terms considered illegal or unconscionable under Maryland Landlord Tenant Law. Trust in the forms that provide you a variety of packages to meet all your needs as a Maryland landlord.

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