Maryland Tenant Screening Background Checks

Screening applicants thoroughly before allowing them to rent your Maryland rental property is essential to ensuring that you get the best tenants. A prospective tenant can smile and respond to your questions politely, then turn into the worst tenant imaginable once they are given the keys. Maryland Tenant Screening involves more than just a generic form that you made up and had printed quite some time ago. When you use Maryland Tenant Screening Forms, you are getting the most comprehensive forms that will allow you to thoroughly screen your applicants for their criminal history, including much more than just a local police report. You will have the opportunity to learn if your tenants have a criminal history at the state and national levels, including for terrorism or sex offenses. With the Maryland Tenant Screening packages provided at American Apartment Owners Association, you will receive a free credit report with every package. In addition, you have the opportunity to screen every tenant for employment, eviction and tenant history as well as for social security number fraud. Learn who the applicants really are when they express a desire to rent one of your Maryland rental properties.

The cost of Maryland Tenant Screening can be passed on to the tenant since Maryland Landlord Tenant Laws allow the landlord to charge tenants an application fee. Tenants must understand whether an application fee is refundable or not. If a tenant decides not to rent the property, the landlord can only keep $25 of the required application fee. If a Maryland landlord rents more than five units at the same location and the tenant decides not to rent the property, the landlord must return any portion of the application fee not used to process the application fee within 15 days, if the application fee amount exceeds $25. If the landlord retains more than $25, written notice must be provided to the applicant under Maryland Landlord Tenant Law, as explained by the Maryland Attorney General’s Office, Consumer Affairs Division.

Instead of wrangling with vague forms when screening tenants, use comprehensive Maryland Tenant Screening Forms to conduct an extensive screening process on every adult applicant. This may very well help you avoid the possibility that your reputation is affected in a negative manner. Do your best to prevent situations where tenants cause you headaches and unnecessary expenses in court and attorney fees later by trusting in the proper Maryland Tenant Screening Forms.

The information contained herein is not to be considered a substitute for the legal advice of an attorney. If you have questions regarding Maryland Landlord Tenant Law or believe that you have a legal case regarding landlord tenant laws in the State of Maryland, you should seek the advice of an attorney.

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The American Apartment Owners Association provides tenant screening background checks nationwide. Looking for a tenant screening report in a state other than Maryland? Visit our Tenant Screening Background Checks page to learn more.