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What to Expect with Your Insurance Rates in 2023

Did you know insurance rates are going up for landlords, even when they’ve never filed a claim? Get up to speed on what to expect for multifamily and landlord insurance policy costs and coverages in 2023 and what you can do to reduce your insurance premiums.

This webinar is designed to help rental property owners of all kinds save money on insurance this year, don’t miss out!

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Lauren Lieb, rental property insurance expert at InsuranceHub, will be sharing her insider knowledge in this 60-minute presentation. You’ll learn:

  • Little-known tips that can help you drastically reduce your insurance premiums.
  • What you can and can’t control when it comes to your insurance rates.
  • What factors have the greatest effects on policy premiums and coverage.
  • The most likely causes of claims for landlords.