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The Legal Aspects of Ratio Utility Billing Systems (RUBS): What You Need to Know

Property owners and managers will face some of the largest utility bills in years this summer due to volatile natural gas and water prices. Are you billing your tenants for their share of the cost? If not, RUBs may be something you want to consider implementing sooner rather than later. 

Do you have questions about the legality and implementation of a RUBs program?

We’re bringing in attorney John A. List to do a 60-minute Q&A all about ratio utility billing. Mr. List has extensive experience advising property owners and managers on operational and fair housing matters and we look forward to his expertise being shared with our association members. 

Register now and you’ll have the opportunity to submit your questions to Mr. List and get them answered during the webinar!

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After attending this attorney-led Q&A webinar you will learn:

    • The legality of RUBS, with specific examples of the varying market ordinance
    • How to implement a RUBS program 
    • How to present RUBS to your residents 
    • The importance of a legally binding lease addendum and the protection it provides you