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How To Scale From Single Family to Multifamily Rentals

Liz Faircloth, co-founder of DeRosa Group and The Real Estate InvestHER, started her real estate investing journey in her 20’s with no money, no experience, and no knowledge of investing. Today, her and her team control over 120 million dollars of real estate throughout the east coast. The process of building and growing a portfolio takes hard work, commitment, and lots of resilience. During this presentation, Liz is going to share critical lessons she has experienced over the last 15 years – the good, bad and ugly!

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In this 60-minute webinar, you will learn:

    • How to overcome common challenges to scaling
    • 5 key focus areas that are the building blocks for scaling
    • Strategies on how to raise private money
    • Common mistakes to avoid when expanding a portfolio
    • and much more!