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How to Fill a Vacancy with Quality Tenants: From Screening to Lease Signing

Who you rent to can make the difference between owning an income-generating property or a money pit. But how do you choose? And what can you do to ensure you have the highest chance of renting to a quality tenant?
This webinar will take you through best practices for fair housing compliance, tenant screening, security deposits, lease signings, and the move-in process.

You’ll learn how to confidently rent your unit and minimize the risk involved with renting to a stranger.

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In this 60-minute webinar Alexandra Alvarado, Director of Education at AAOA, will show you:

  • How to ask rental applicants the right questions with fair housing compliance in mind
  • How to identify red flags on a credit and background check you may be missing
  • How to set smart criteria and create a tenant scoring system
  • How to verify income, employment, and previous landlord references
  • Which clauses you should consider adding to your lease agreement to reduce your liability
  • How to handle guarantors, co-signers, and security deposits to reduce risk