Virginia Tenant Screening Background Checks

It is imperative that you conduct thorough American Apartment Owners Association provides the tools that enable you to weed out unqualified applicants and allows those who are the best qualified to rise to the top of the applicant list. Use the Virginia Tenant Screening package that best suits your needs, whether you are the landlord of only one Virginia rental property or hundreds of rental properties in Virginia.

Check the credit report of each applicant with the complimentary credit report that is provided free of charge with every Virginia Tenant Screening package. The credit report will reveal if the tenant pays bills on time, had a short-term issue with paying bills but is now paying bills in a timely manner or if the prospective tenant has a lengthy history of not paying bills when due. The SSN Fraud Report allows you to determine if your applicant is who he or she claims to be or is potentially committing identity theft.

Use the Previous Address Tenant History to confirm whether the applicant truthfully revealed former addresses or failed to report one or more previous addresses, perhaps hiding a history of poor rental history. The Telecheck Verification provides verification of whether your applicants are responsible when writing checks or if the applicant has a history of writing bad checks or has tendered fraudulent checks.

Your other tenants and nearby neighbors have a right to peaceful enjoyment. That is difficult if you rent to criminal offenders who have no respect for other people or your rental property. You can conduct thorough criminal background checks on every applicant, including the spouse, adult children or other individuals living with the primary applicant. One person may apply as the primary applicant, knowing that the other parties will not pass an extensive background check. When you conduct a thorough criminal background check on every applicant, you will discover if any person intending to reside at one of your rental properties has a criminal record. Conduct a search beyond just a local criminal history. You can conduct a state specific search or a national search with Virginia Tenant Screening. Discover if the prospective tenant has a history of sex offenses or terrorism.

Conducting Virginia Tenant Screening gives you a much more detailed perspective on who your applicants really are, beyond the information that applicants tell you during the application process. Behind the smile and seemingly pleasant personality may lurk the tenant in every landlord’s nightmares. The cost of the Virginia Tenant Screening is easily paid for by the applicant, since Virginia Landlord Tenant Law allows landlords to require an application fee, under 55-248.6:1. Protect yourself and your property from unqualified applicants. The Virginia Tenant Screening will allow you to quickly hand the keys to the qualified applicant so you can start collecting rent instead of having the property sit unoccupied.

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The American Apartment Owners Association provides tenant screening background checks nationwide. Looking for a tenant screening report in a state other than Virginia? Visit our tenant background checks page to learn more.