Vermont Tenant Screening Background Checks

Vermont tenant screening background checks are essential for every landlord to conduct on every adult applicant, not just the primary applicant. The wealth of information obtained through comprehensive tenant background checks reveals your best-qualified applicant as well as potential nightmare tenants.

Each of the tenant screening background check forms plays an important role in helping you determine the ideal applicant for your Vermont rental properties. If an applicant mentions that other adults will live in the home it is crucial that you conduct a full Vermont tenant screening background check on each additional adult, including the spouse, fiancé, adult child or unrelated adult living with the primary applicant.

Avoid potential embarrassment of renting to an applicant who has a criminal background who conducts criminal activities on the premises of rental properties. Save yourself the court costs, attorney fees and necessary funds to repair damage caused by tenants who destroy your property. When you conduct thorough Vermont tenant screening background checks, you likely feel assured that the best-qualified applicant is the one who quickly rises to the top of the applicant pool.

Landlords can no longer just take an applicant’s word or trust that documents the applicant supplies are actually legitimate reports or documents. Practically anyone can forge documents or create an official-looking credit report, criminal history background check or other forms that look real. Landlords should never accept forms or reports from an applicant, but should conduct comprehensive Vermont tenant screening background checks instead.

It is also imperative for landlords to realize what information each one of the Vermont tenant screening background checks contains. This is because landlords are sometimes mistaken about information contained in specific screening forms. For instance, the Vermont Credit Report does not reveal information regarding an applicant’s previous eviction history. The credit report will demonstrate whether your applicant pays bills on time or has a history of blatantly ignoring important financial obligations, however. The Eviction History reveals if the applicant has a history of evictions from other rental properties. It is crucial to include the Eviction History report in all your Vermont tenant screening background checks. Some applicants may quickly apply to rent a new property while an eviction is in progress, assuming another potential landlord may not know there is an eviction in progress.

Get state-specific and nationwide criminal records immediately and learn whether your applicant has a criminal history in real-time. Include the Terrorist Search and the Sex Offender Search among your Vermont tenant screening background checks and discover whether your applicants have more serious criminal records. Criminals often move around and you may not realize that a local search that you conduct on your own does not contain the comprehensive information that you really need. Avoid renting to convicted felons by obtaining the detailed criminal records provided when you conduct thorough Vermont tenant screening background checks.

Identity theft is on the rise which means you could potentially have someone applying to rent one of your Vermont rental properties who is conducting social security number fraud. Applicants with a criminal history or with a history of evictions or a poor credit rating can simply make up a social security number. An applicant can also give you a false social security number that the applicant knows belongs to someone else. When you conduct the Social Security Number Fraud Check, you can match the name on the rental application to the name returned for that social security number in your search results. Including the Social Security Number Fraud Check in your Vermont tenant screening background checks also ensures that the person with that social security number is not deceased and other vital information that helps verify the identity of your rental applicant.

Get up-to-date information on all your other tenant screening checks from American Apartment Owners Association, the go-to source for Vermont tenant screening background checks. A variety of tenant screening packages allows you the opportunity to choose the Vermont tenant screening background checks that best meets your needs.

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