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South Carolina Tenant Screening Background Checks

Screening tenants is crucial to making sure that only qualified applicants are approved to reside in your rental properties. American Apartment Owners Association to provide your South Carolina Tenant Screening packages.

South Carolina Tenant Screening allows you to select the package best suited to your needs, whether you have one rental property or hundreds of rental properties. You do not have to worry about obtaining a separate credit report on each applicant because a complimentary credit report is provided with each South Carolina Tenant Screening package. Telecheck verification will help you determine if applicants have a reputation for writing bad checks. South Carolina Tenant Screening helps you discover whether your applicant is who they claim to be when you verify the applicant’s identity with the SSN Fraud Report. It also verifies that the social security number given by the applicant is correct. When you verify the social security number, you will also learn if the name and address matches the name and address currently on record. The SSN Fraud report is easy to read and available within minutes, enabling you to quickly eliminate applicants who provide false information regarding their identity and social security number.

South Carolina Tenant Screening also permits you to screen each applicant for previous eviction history. You may not realize that an eviction history is not provided in the standard credit report and that you must obtain the separate Eviction History report. South Carolina Tenant Screening allows you to choose whether you want to search for eviction history on a state-specific or on a nationwide basis.

It is imperative that you conduct a criminal record search on every applicant. Criminals often go from one rental property to the next after law enforcement officials shut down their drug dealing operations or after they get evicted for conducting criminal activity on the premises. South Carolina Landlord Tenant Law requires that a tenant “conduct himself and require other persons on the premises with the tenant’s permission or who are allowed access to the premises by the tenant to conduct themselves in a manner that will not disturb other tenant’s peaceful enjoyment of the premises.” If a tenant conducts crimes on the property or allows criminal activity to occur on the premises, it is likely that the “peaceful enjoyment” guaranteed to tenants under Section 27-40-510 is being violated. If you have to evict a tenant for criminal activity, the cost of doing so is potentially very expensive.

Sex offenders residing in South Carolina are not permitted to reside within 1000 feet “of a school, daycare center, children’s recreational facility, park, or public playground,” according to Section 23-3-535 (B). If you rent to a sex offender and your rental property is within the area of restricted residency, you may suffer the backlash from neighbors, the media or other sources. Section 23-3-535 (D) requires that upon knowledge of a sex offender violating residency statutes, “the local law enforcement agency must, within thirty days, notify the sex offender of the violation, provide the sex offender with a list of areas in which the sex offender is not permitted to reside, and notify the sex offender that the sex offender has thirty days to vacate the residence.” That will result in your property sitting vacant again. You will incur all the costs associated with renting to new tenants. South Carolina Tenant Screening can help you avoid renting to known sex offenders with the Sex Offender Search.

The terrorist search will help you quickly eliminate potentially dangerous applicants who may attempt to hide their history during the application process. Landlords can potentially incur liability if a tenant with a criminal record injures someone. Conducting sex offender and terrorist searches may save you considerable costs and embarrassment.

South Carolina Tenant Screening gives you the tools you need to thoroughly screen every applicant so that only the best applicants are given keys to your rental properties.

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The American Apartment Owners Association provides tenant screening background checks nationwide. Looking for a tenant screening report in a state other than South Carolina? Visit our tenant background checks page to learn more.