Pennsylvania Tenant Screening Background Checks

When you conduct thorough Pennsylvania Tenant Screening Background Checks, you can greatly reduce the chances that your tenants will cause you the headaches and expenses associated with repairs and going to court. Most tenants abide by the Pennsylvania Landlord Tenant Laws, paying their rent when due and keeping the premises clean and sanitary. There are other tenants who do not pay rent on time, deface or damage the property, conduct criminal activities on the premises or move out with no notice before the end of the lease term. Screening tenants involves more than asking them a few questions and giving the keys to whoever has the money to rent the premises in their pocket at the time of application. You must carefully screen tenants to determine if they are truthful in the information they give you. The American Apartment Owners Association provides you with the Pennsylvania Tenant Screening tools you need to screen every applicant who expresses a desire to rent one of your rental properties.

Screen tenants to determine their identity when you conduct a social security number fraud check. You certainly do not want a tenant who is committing identity theft living in your rental property. Check their credit history with the complimentary credit report, provided free of charge with every Pennsylvania Tenant Screening package. Learn about your applicant’s rental history and if they have ever been evicted. Discover whether your applicant has a criminal record when you use Pennsylvania Tenant Screening options that search local, state specified or even federal criminal searches. You can determine if your applicant has a history related to terrorism or sex offenses with the comprehensive criminal background check options. Avoid the community backlash of renting to such a tenant by thoroughly screening every applicant. With Pennsylvania Tenant Screening, you will quickly determine which applicants likely just forgot to mention something and which applicants are telling you blatant lies, with either their verbal statements or the information they wrote down on the rental application. When you receive results of your Pennsylvania Tenant Screening, you will realize that screening every applicant is crucial and well worth the nominal cost of the package. Getting the results of the Pennsylvania Tenant Screening can save you considerable time and money. It will allow you to eliminate unqualified rental applicants and to quickly hand the keys to the best-qualified candidates, which means your rental property will not be sitting vacant and you can start collecting rent payments.

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The American Apartment Owners Association provides tenant screening background checks nationwide. Looking for a tenant screening report in a state other than Pennsylvania? Visit our Tenant Screening Background Checks page to learn more.