Ohio Tenant Screening Background Checks

Landlords want to rent to the best applicant, but that is not always possible, particularly if the landlord fails to properly screen all rental applicants. American Apartment Owners Association provides all the Ohio Tenant Screening Forms you will need when accepting rental applications from prospective tenants. You must thoroughly screen spouses, adult children, cohabitating partners and all adult parties who will reside at the rental property. ORC 5321.051 provides for “Eviction of tenant allowing sex or child victim offenders to occupy premises near school.” This applies to any person occupying the property. Specifically, ORC 5321.051(A) (1) states “No tenant of any residential premises located within one thousand feet of any school premises or preschool or child day-care center premises shall allow any person to occupy those residential premises if both of the following apply regarding the person:

a. The person’s name appears on the state registry of sex offenders and child-victim offenders maintained under section 2950.13 of the Revised Code.

Further the statute provides in (2) (B) that “If a tenant allows occupancy in violation of this section or a person establishes a residence or occupies residential premises in violation of section 2950.034 of the Revised Code, the landlord for the residential premises that are the subject of the rental agreement or other tenancy may terminate the rental agreement or other tenancy of the tenant and all other occupants.”

When you gather pertinent information from all adult parties, not just the primary applicant, and then submit each person through a rigorous Ohio Tenant Screening process, you are more likely to prevent issues such as a convicted sex offender or other convicted felon from occupying your rental properties. Instead of subjecting yourself to the time, effort, court costs, attorney fees and potential damage to your reputation, screen tenants thoroughly and extensively during the application process. This will likely eliminate candidates who have a criminal record, since you have the option to screen nationwide, even in the federal criminal justice system when you utilize rigorous Ohio Tenant Screening. You can also learn about applicants with a poor rental, credit and employment history and more. You not only eliminate the poorly-qualified applicants applying to rent your Ohio property; you are able to potentially let the most-qualified applicants rise to the top of the list when you verify that the applicant is truthful on the application, does not have a criminal record, works where they say they do and has a good rental history.

While many applicants may endure a short-term financial problem, you will also be able to realize that the applicant did indeed recover and is now back on track to make sure rent is paid on time and that the applicant is not likely to violate Ohio Landlord Tenant Laws. The variety of packages offered gives you the opportunity to get the forms best suited to your tenant screening needs, whether you are the landlord of one Ohio rental property or dozens of rental properties in Ohio.

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The American Apartment Owners Association provides tenant screening background checks nationwide. Looking for a tenant screening report in a state other than Ohio? Visit our tenant background checks page to learn more.