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New Jersey Tenant Screening Background Checks

Every landlord wants the best tenants to reside in their rental properties. However, that does not always happen. The headaches from bad tenants may not occur if you thoroughly screen every applicant. American Apartment Owners Association offers packages to suit your needs, whether you have one rental property or dozens of New Jersey rental properties. With New Jersey Tenant Screening packages, you can discover whether your applicants have a local criminal history or felony offenses in other states through the state-specified screening and if they have convictions for sex offenses or for federal offenses such as terrorism. You can learn in just a matter of minutes if your applicants are truthful in the information they give you or if they are trying to hide their shady past of criminal activity, damaging previous rental properties or non-payment of rent.

You also do not want the tarnished reputation associated with landlords who rent to known drug dealers or others who commit criminal acts in a rental property. With New Jersey Tenant Screening you can protect your properties and yourself from known criminal offenders looking for a new place to conduct their illegal activities. Get the comprehensive New Jersey Tenant Screening package that best suits your needs and remember that the cost of tenant screening can often be passed on to the tenant. Screening applicants carefully and thoroughly allows you to quickly eliminate unqualified applicants. New Jersey Tenant Screening also allows you to quickly notify the tenants who do qualify so that your property is not sitting vacant, not generating any rental income.

Keep your reputation intact as a landlord who cares about the properties you own and about the tenants who do care enough to pay rent on time and keep the premises clean and sanitary. Use New Jersey Tenant Screening packages to thoroughly screen all your prospective tenants.

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The American Apartment Owners Association provides tenant screening background checks nationwide. Looking for a tenant screening report in a state other than New Jersey? Visit our tenant background checks page to learn more.