Mississippi Tenant Screening Background Checks

Conducting Mississippi Tenant Screening Background Checks is critical to safeguarding your Mississippi rental properties as well as your reputation as an upstanding landlord who only rents to the best-qualified applicants. Gone are the days when you could feel confident that the applicant would pay rent on time based on verbal information exchanged during a showing of the property. Today, Mississippi Tenant Screening Background Checks saves you the headache and potential embarrassment caused when slick con artists attempt to rent a property under false pretenses. Each of the essential Mississippi tenant screening forms plays an integral part into giving you a full, detailed look at who the applicant really is and if the information given by the prospective tenant is true.

It is important for landlords to realize that simply requesting a credit report does not determine whether an applicant is a good tenant who will pay rent on time and take care of the property. While the credit report will demonstrate whether the applicant pays bills on time or has dozens of collection actions and a high amount of debt, it does not disclose whether your applicant has a history of evictions or a history of damaging rental properties. It is crucial to include an eviction history when ordering your Mississippi Tenant Screening Background Checks from American Apartment Owners Association. The Eviction History provides you with recent eviction records, preventing a recently evicted applicant from attempting to rent from you, believing that you will not know of the recent eviction.

The Previous Address History quickly provides information that will allow you to determine if the applicant is truthful about previous addresses. If an applicant leaves former addresses off the rental application, there is likely a reason and not a good one.

Fraudulent social security numbers created out of the thin air or stolen from a known person do not just affect bank accounts and credit cards in today’s world of scammers and perpetrators of identity theft. Social security number fraud is committed when applying as tenant of a rental property. Conducting the Social Security Number Fraud Check allows you to quickly match up the social security number listed on the application with the one on file. You can check to make sure that the social security number correctly matches the one on file for your applicant and that the name returned on that social security number fraud check matches the name of your prospective tenant.

Avoid the nightmare of renting to a convicted criminal when you conduct the Criminal History search on each of your applicants, not just the primary applicant. Learn whether the applicant has a record of serious offenses when you also search terrorist and sex offender records. Criminals do not always accept their punishment from the courts and suddenly become upstanding, law abiding citizens. Criminals may use rental properties to perpetrate crimes related to drugs, prostitution or terrorist activities and then abscond to another city or state. Conducting a federal search will give you the peace of mind that you are not renting to someone wanted in another city or state or who has a criminal record in another area.

Landlords often pass the cost of conducting Mississippi Tenant Screening Background Checks on to the applicant. If your applicant has nothing to hide and is serious about renting your property, they should have no objection to paying for the necessary screening process. Protect yourself and your rental properties by conducting thorough Mississippi Tenant Screening Background Checks on all your rental applicants.

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