Iowa Tenant Screening Background Checks

American Apartment Owners Association provides the tools that enable you to quickly weed out unqualified applicants and allows those who are the best qualified to rise to the top of the applicant list.

Use the Previous Address Tenant History to confirm whether the applicant truthfully revealed past addresses or failed to report previous addresses, perhaps hiding a history of poor rental history. The Telecheck Verification provides verification of whether your applicants are responsible when writing checks or if the applicant has a history of writing bad checks or has tendered fraudulent checks. Your applicant could even be committing identity theft so it is imperative to include the SSN Fraud Report when purchasing your Iowa Tenant Screening Background Checks package. You can learn further information by including a state-specific or nationwide Eviction History in your Iowa tenant screening background checks package each time that you have a new applicant. The Eviction History will tell you a great deal about your applicant’s rental history. The eviction history is necessary in addition to the credit report because the credit report does not contain details of evictions. This is a fact that is sometimes not known by landlords.

Unfortunately, every applicant is not honest and comprehensive tenant screening is crucial so that you can quickly eliminate unqualified applicants and so that you can quickly give the keys to a well-qualified applicant. The Criminal History Report gives you the details necessary to discover if the applicant has a criminal background and the nature of the crimes committed. Discover whether the offenses were minor misdemeanors or major crimes. Conduct a search beyond just a local criminal history. You can conduct a state specific search or a nationwide search. Criminals often move from one rental property to another or even to a new city or state. Protect your reputation and the safety of your other tenants by completing more comprehensive Iowa Tenant Screening Background Checks.

Including the terrorist search and the sex offender search in your Iowa Tenant Screening Background Checks ensures that you are not potentially renting to someone with a record of terrorist offenses or renting to a known sex offender.

Conducting the more comprehensive background checks on each of your prospective tenants gives you a much more detailed perspective on who your applicants really are, beyond the information that applicants tell you during the application process. Search beyond the innocent looking smile and handshake and discover who the applicant really is when you trust your Iowa Tenant Screening Background Checks to American Apartment Owners Association.

You can easily pass the cost of every background check on to the tenant so that you avoid the costs associated with the Iowa Tenant Screening Background Checks. Passing the costs on to the tenant also helps you to get the comprehensive Iowa Tenant Screening Background Checks that you need so that you feel confident that you are renting to the best qualified applicants. If you have an honest applicant then that individual should not mind paying for the background check if he or she is sincere about renting your Iowa rental property and taking care of it in a proper manner.

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The American Apartment Owners Association provides tenant screening background checks nationwide. Looking for a tenant screening report in a state other than Iowa? Visit our tenant background checks page to learn more.