Hawaii Tenant Screening Background Checks

Conducting Hawaii Tenant Screening Background Checks is crucial for protecting your rental property from damage, illegal activities and other potential problems that can cost you a significant amount of time and money and possibly even damage your reputation as a responsible landlord. Additionally, conducting tenant screening background checks quickly provides a clear picture of the applicant’s rental history, including past evictions or a legal action that a landlord is currently pursuing against your applicant.

Because the Hawaii Residential Landlord-Tenant Code permits a landlord to proceed with action to remove a tenant from the premises for reasons other than non-payment of rent, such as for using the property for purposes other than as the tenant’s home, proceeding with a thorough Hawaii tenant screening background check on every adult applicant is critical so that you can quickly learn this information. The Previous Address Tenant History will reveal if your applicant gave you truthful information regarding previous addresses or failed to disclose an address from which the tenant was evicted or owes money to the landlord for damages. The Telecheck report will reveal if your applicant writes bad checks.

When your Hawaii tenant screening background checks include more than just a credit check, you have the potential for uncovering facts related to the possibility that instead of using a previous rental property as a residential home, your applicant used the premises for criminal activity or to let others reside in the property either in addition to or instead of the applicant. It is not unusual for a person to complete a rental application in their own name and then let a relative or friend live in the home who has a history of evictions, criminal background or serious credit issues that would lead to that person being denied approval for tenancy.

While the American Apartment Owners Association provides a variety of Hawaii tenant screening background check packages, the more comprehensive packages provide you with more comprehensive information. You no longer have to wait several days for a credit report or pay expensive attorney fees to discover if your tenant has a criminal record. We search the most up-to-date records to give you reliable information in minimal time. You need to conduct a thorough tenant screening on each adult who will reside in the property, not just the primary applicant. The significant other or adult child could have a criminal history or other background that would preclude approving that person for residing in your rental property.

Check your prospective tenant’s criminal history by state or conduct a nationwide criminal history search. You can also choose a Hawaii tenant screening background check package that will search for terrorist and for sex offender convictions. You do not want your reputation as a landlord who rents to the best-qualified applicants tarnished by renting to criminals, especially when the offenses are serious criminal charges.

There is no need to skimp on the choice of Hawaii tenant screening background checks because the cost of the tenant screening is often passed on to the tenant. This is a common practice in many states and the Hawaii Residential Landlord-Tenant Code does not provide any restrictions against passing the related costs on to the prospective tenant. If your applicants are sincere about renting the property for the purpose of using it as their home and if the applicant has nothing to hide, the applicant should not have objections to paying for the comprehensive background checks in order for approval to rent one of your properties. Order your comprehensive Hawaii Tenant Screening Background Checks on each of your applicants now.

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The American Apartment Owners Association provides tenant screening background checks nationwide. Looking for a tenant screening report in a state other than Hawaii? Visit our tenant background checks page to learn more.