Alabama Tenant Screening Background Checks

Alabama Tenant Screening provides you with the tools you need to select the best applicants for your rental properties and to quickly eliminate unqualified applicants from consideration. The American Apartment Owners Association understands that not every landlord’s needs are the same so they offer a variety of Alabama tenant screening background check packages or the opportunity to create your own customized package.

Screening tenants requires much more than asking tenants to write down their name and contact information on a generic form. It is unfortunate that not all rental applicants are honest, but they are not always forthcoming with their information. You do not have to worry about paying for a credit report since you can legally charge the prospective renter a fee for an Alabama Tenant Screening background check. Learn whether the applicant pays their bills on time or has a chronic history of late or missed payments with the credit report that is immediately available to you. The costs of the other aspects of the screening process are easily recoverable since tenants are often charged for the screening process.

Determine if your applicants are who they say they are with the Alabama Tenant Screening package, including the option to conduct a nationwide eviction history search. Tenants move from one rental property to the next to escape paying rent or costs associated with eviction. Do not allow them to cause you the headaches and expensive costs associated with their path of irresponsibility. You can quickly eliminate them from consideration when you conduct thorough Alabama Tenant Screening.

It is imperative to thoroughly screen every rental applicant for criminal history. Do not fail to screen every applicant, not just the primary applicant. The Criminal History Report will quickly let you know the criminal background of your applicants. Easily access instantaneous state and nationwide criminal history reports with your Alabama Tenant Screening package. It is crucial to search beyond basic criminal history and obtain the terrorist search results. Terrorists and those associated with terrorists may use rental properties to hide themselves or their activities. You can put a damper on their hopes of turning your rental properties into a haven of terrorist-related activities with Alabama Tenant Screening.

Sex offenders sometimes flee from the requirement that they register and comply with address and other residency and reporting requirements. Hiding from law enforcement can seem easy to the sex offender who easily rents a new apartment or home if a landlord fails to conduct a specific sex offender search. Alabama Tenant Screening allows you to easily determine if an applicant has a history of sex offenses or is required to comply with residency restrictions. The Alabama Department of Public Safety explains that sex offenders have seven days to comply with residency requirements. Alabama requires that “The offender shall not establish a residence, any other living accommodation or habitually live within 2,000 feet of the property line of any school or child care facility.”

If your rental properties are within the restricted residency requirements and you rent to a sex offender, you may be held potentially liable if the sex offender or other criminal commits an act that injures another person. Alabama Tenant Screening helps you to discover their history quickly and to eliminate them from consideration. Feel at ease knowing that your Alabama Tenant Screening packages help to rule out unqualified applicants while permitting the best potential tenants to rise to the top of the applicant list.

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The American Apartment Owners Association provides tenant screening background checks nationwide. Looking for a tenant screening report in a state other than Alabama? Visit our tenant background checks page to learn more.