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Put your Rent Collection on Autopilot

Life as a landlord is never easy; there is a never-ending stream of maintenance requests, repairs, listings, showings, taxes and more, but collecting rent doesn’t have to be a chore. It takes about five minutes to set up a PayRent account and you can start accepting digital payments right away. No more stamps, lockboxes or trips to the bank for deposits. Your renters can make their payments from anywhere they have internet access and the funds will be deposited directly into your bank account.

Benefits of Collecting Rent Online

Reporting and Tracking – Tenants and landlords receive instant email notifications when payments are made. You’ll have full accounting and tracking of each payment- no more waiting for checks in the mail.

Payment Control – PayRent allows you to refuse payment, accept only full payments, or allow partial payments for roommate scenarios. You’ll also have the option to pay the processing fee or pass it on to your tenants. Create a free landlord account.

Security – PayRent uses bank-level encryption to minimize fraud and secure your data and you’ll never have to share your private banking information with your tenants.

Flexible Payment Methods – Give your tenants the option to pay their rent with an e-check or by credit card. This will give them flexibility and help ensure rent is paid on time.


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How it Works

1. Sign up for free

You’ll need your federal tax ID and banking information to get started. We’ll verify your identity on the spot to make sure payments can be safely transferred. You’ll be ready to accept rent payments in about 5 minutes.

2. Add your properties

Each unit can have its own settings for payment due date, partial payment acceptance, and blocking payments. Transaction fees can also be absorbed, passed along to the renter, or split between both parties.

3. Invite your renters

Add your tenants and we’ll send out an email invitation for them to join the service and then help them add a payment method. We’re standing by via chat and phone to get them up and running quickly.

“As a business owner, it is extremely helpful to have a process that streamlines your business. has created a paperless way for our business to collect and manage all our rental income.”

– Cindy C., Property Mgr.