Property Management Contract with National Collection Agency Benefits American Apartment Owners Association’s Member Landlords

By contracting with a national collection agency, the AAOA makes property management easier for landlords.

The American Apartment Owners Association and collection agency Fidelity Information Corporation recently contracted to provide property management managers and landlords with debt collection services. With this agreement, American Apartment Owners Association members will be able to utilize Rent Recovery Service, a flat fee and contingency fee based collection service for income property owners. The membership will have full access to either program at discounted rates.

“This is a significant step in creating an avenue for our member landlords to collect past due rent from delinquent tenants,” said David Edwards, Director of Member Services for AAOA. Members of the association already receive significant discounts on insurance, tenant screening and mortgage lending but the need to recover lost rent is fundamental to successful property management.

According to Jeff Cronrod, President / CEO of Fidelity Information Corporation, offering Association members collection services at a discount helps them offset the losses they continue to suffer. “As the largest and most aggressive landlord collection agency in the country, we are very pleased with our new alliance and look forward to helping the entire AAOA membership,” he said.

According to Edwards, the American Apartment Owners Association serves apartment and income property owners in every state and provides support, legal forms, a 20,000 member maintenance contractor directory, discounted tenant screening and any type of support required for the smaller income property investor. The American Apartment Owners Association is a membership driven organization dedicated to supporting the landlord and property management industry nationwide.

About American Apartment Owners Association:

The American Apartment Owners Association is the largest national association for small and medium size income property owners of its kind. Offering virtually every type of service required to successfully manage rental property, the American Apartment Owners Association caters to its membership by negotiating discounts for most services and providing feedback and support for most day-to-day property management needs. For more information, visit About Fidelity Information Corporation:

Based in Los Angeles, California, Fidelity Information Corporation is a nationally licensed collection agency with special emphasis on serving the property management industry. Nearly half of its 18,000 clients are income property owners or property management companies. Fidelity also provides background information for tenant and employment screening. For more information, visit