Single Family Owners

Single Family Owners

Owning single family rentals is no easy task. You’re part property manager and part investor, constantly juggling multiple functions. An AAOA membership helps single family owners like yourself who wear many hats simplify their processes and make smart rental decisions. This includes services for homeowners that rent out their entire house or just a room. Here are a few ways we can help you:

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Confidently Screen Tenants

The greatest risk involved with renting out your home is renting to a tenant that doesn’t pay rent, causes damages, or starts problems with neighbors. At AAOA we believe in the power of using credit, criminal, and eviction data to help you make objective rental decisions. Our tenant screening reports are easy to understand and thorough enough to reduce your risk. View a sample tenant screening report.

It is much more expensive and difficult to get a bad tenant out than it is to get one in. The real estate you own is likely the most valuable asset you have, so you should treat it accordingly. We take tenant screening seriously and highly recommend using our FCRA compliant reports to confidentially pick your tenants. Order a tenant screening report now.

Get Educated

If you’re waiting for experience alone to educate you, you are likely learning the hard way. AAOA’s educational webinars, e-newsletters, and legal case database provide you with the fundamentals to teach you the best processes for managing your rental.

Topics range from evictions to accounting, marketing, leases, screening, and more. As an AAOA member you’ll receive live education and Q&A with rental industry experts. If there’s a specific topic you want to learn more about, past webinars are available in our on-demand webinars.


State-Specific Landlord Forms

You may be using forms that are outdated or too general for your rental needs. AAOA offers easy to use fillable forms that have been customized for legal compliance in your state. Rather than guess and create a patchwork of outdated forms, you can simplify your processes and confidently use accurate AAOA forms.

The benefits described above are just a fraction of what we offer our members. To view a full listing of all benefits click here.

Our live support team and services can help you through your rental challenges, so you don’t have to feel alone. Whether you’re a rental owner veteran or just getting started with your first rental property, we are here to help.