Multifamily Owners

AAOA offers services to thousands of apartment owners, condos and townhome owners nationwide. Our mission is to provide multifamily owners with the tools they need to manage their units cohesively. This includes tenant screening, state-specific forms, discounts, and education. Here are a few ways you can benefit from a membership with AAOA.

Become an AAOA Member

Access the tools you need to manage your properties

Volume Pricing and
Custom Tenant Screening

At AAOA we work with you to provide the exact tenant screening solution you need at a price that makes sense for your bottom line. We’ll consult with you to provide recommendations for your area’s demographics and your business model. For instance, you may need a specific credit bureau (ie: Experian, TransUnion, or Equifax) or a certain scoring model (FICO, NRS, or others). Our product offerings and packages are flexible to meet your needs.

Instant Credit Reports

If your team is managing multiple vacancies at once, you probably want access to credit reports as quickly as possible to make an informed decision. In your busy schedule there is little room for error or setbacks. Our services for underwritten multifamily owners make the move-in process streamlined so you receive the tenant’s credit report instantly and don’t have to wait days for results. Learn more about underwriting.

Live Support and Training

Whether you own and manage your multifamily units yourself or have an entire team of property managers, we can provide free training and live support. This includes learning about basic account functions and analyzing report results. We focus on education and superior customer service to continuously provide you with solutions to your rental challenges.