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Jason Daniels

Colorado Springs, CO

9362 Grand Cordera Pkwy.

Suite 100

Colorado Springs, CO  80924


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About Finch & Gable

We want you to learn about us, and we want to learn about you. At Finch & Gable, we do things differently. Unlike other firms, our signage, doesn’t focus on just one person. That’s because we have an entire team dedicated to you. 

At Finch & Gable, we understand who you and your family are, your specific goals, where you are in the buying or selling process, and what’s needed next. Finch & Gable is built on relationships. We believe in family and supporting our shared community. Don’t mistake our family-first values as a disadvantage in an industry based on competition and results. Quite the contrary; like a mama bear defending her cubs, we’re strong advocates, always fighting for your interests. 

Like your home is more than just a house, Finch & Gable is more than just a real estate company. We’re experienced advisors, counseling you before, during, and after a sale. We know Colorado and every neighborhood along the Front Range. No matter what your home-sweet-home looks like, we know exactly where it is and how to get your family into your dream home. We won’t just disappear once you get the keys. Whether you need advice before listing your home or a recommendation for a contractor years after your purchase, we’re the lasting resource you can always count on. Because that’s what family does. 


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