Are you looking for a sublease agreement sample to use at one of your rental properties? A sublet contract or sublease contract can protect your rental property while allowing tenants the flexibility to sublet their rooms. Learn how the sublease agreement form protects you and what clauses are typically found in these important forms.

What a Standard Sublease Agreement Form Covers

A sublet agreement form can vary depending on personal preferences, but clauses typically found in these forms include:

  • • Time frame: How long will the sublet last? The time frame must be listed on the form.
  • • Rent payment instructions: Instructions about how and when the subletter must pay rent should appear on the form, providing you with reassurance you will receive the rent on time.
  • • Sublet end date: In addition to time frame, the sublet end date is typically listed on the form. You may choose to allow the subletter to “take over” the lease, or state explicitly that the sublet cannot be carried over past the sublet end date.
  • • Utilities: Information relevant to utility payment is usually on the sublet agreement form. Typically, landlords will require the subletter to transmit the appropriate share of the utility bill to the master tenant on the lease.
  • • Deposit: While optional, it is recommended that you take a deposit from the subletter. This protects you against damage to the rental property, while protecting the other tenants on the lease from being responsible for damage caused by another party.
  • • Cleaning instructions: If you have a preference regarding move-out cleaning, it’s beneficial to state it in your sublease agreement. This creates a record should disagreements arise.
  • • Move-out instructions: Any specific move-out instructions you have should be listed in the sublet agreement, creating a record.

Download a Sublease Template

In addition to describing clauses found in a sample sublease agreement, American Apartment Owners Association has created a downloadable sublet agreement template. Rather than pay a lawyer to draft your sublease agreement, you can download our form and modify the clauses to reflect the specifics of your sublet. Use our pre-designed forms and save time and money. Better yet, only pay once for forms you can use time and again.

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Note: All forms offered herein are provided only as a guide by the American Apartment Owners Association (AAOA). They have not been reviewed by legal counsel and no warranty, express or implied, is offered. AAOA suggests that you have local legal counsel that is familiar with current laws and ordinances review any forms prior to usage.