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Report to the major credit bureaus! You are just a few mouse clicks away from reporting delinquent tenants for a small flat fee. There are no other charges. No contingency fees, no commissions. The delinquent tenant pays you directly! If a tenant leaves owing you money, put it on his credit and he’ll have to deal with you before he can get another apartment, car loan or credit card. Sign up today and get your money back.

Rent collection companies offer various rent recovery methods to help property owners, landlords and apartment managers to deal with what may be the most important aspect of property management. Rent Recovery Service will help you collect rent payments from delinquent tenants.

Delinquent rent collection is an age old problem. Most Collection Agencies won’t take delinquent rent and those that do take it, don’t know how to collect it. There are only a very small group of rent recovery collection agencies (or rent Collection Agency services) in the country that specialize in delinquent rent Collection Agency and know how to handle this very difficult problem. Both flat fee debt collection and contingency based debt collection are available.

Rent Recovery Service’s unique flat fee option allows you to register yourself as a landlord and then turn your delinquent tenants over for collections. The entire process is handled by you online. You have the option to choose from either one or three letter packages and have them automatically reported to the credit bureaus. The letters direct the delinquent tenant/debtor to contact you to settle the debt. When they do settle the debt you may cancel the collection to either remove the negative mark from their credit or have it show as a paid collection.