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    Rising Lumber Prices Add $92 Per Month To Apartment Rents Read more
    Rising Lumber Prices...
    Increases in softwood lumber prices have raised the average rent apartment tenants would pay on new...
    Amazon’s mission: Getting a ‘key’ to your apartment building Read more
    Amazon’s mission:...
    NEW YORK (AP) — Amazon is tired of ringing doorbells. The online shopping giant is pushing landlords...
    HUD Invests Millions to Fight Housing Discrimination Read more
    HUD Invests Millions to...
    The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Fair Housing Initiatives Program (FHIP) just...
    Apartment Market Metrics on the Rise: NMHC Read more
    Apartment Market...
    Robust demand for apartments nationwide is being reflected in rising market metrics. For the first time...
    New Report Highlights Benefits of Pet-Friendly Rental Housing Read more
    New Report Highlights...
    A new report from nonprofits Michelson Found Animals Foundation and the Human Animal Bond Research...
    Miami condo collapse leads to call for accountability among property owners, construction companies Read more
    Miami condo collapse...
    NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — As Nashville grows, unfortunately, certain issues grow along with it. And...
    Top Tips for Tip-Top Virtual Tours Read more
    Top Tips for Tip-Top...
    Multifamily owners and managers who were accustomed to hosting prospective renters for in-person tours...
    Rising rents threaten to prop up inflation Read more
    Rising rents threaten...
    Kaitlin Cindrich is facing a $200 monthly increase in rent this August if she and her husband can renew...
    Multifamily Rent Growth Reaching Unprecedented Levels Read more
    Multifamily Rent Growth...
    People moving around due to the pandemic and job changes or losses, government stimulus, and a hot...
    Housing Conditions In This Low-Income Neighborhood Pushed Tenants To Sue The Landlord Read more
    Housing Conditions In...
    María Lara and her 10-year-old daughter, Ashley, live in Langley Park, Md., a densely populated,...
    Judge rules against city’s rental registration fee aimed at absentee landlords Read more
    Judge rules against...
    An Allegheny County judge ruled on Tuesday that the city may not enforce a rental registration...
    Do Smart Home Features Appeal to Baby Boomer Renters? Read more
    Do Smart Home Features...
    Smart home tech isn’t just for Gen Zers and the younger crowd. Surprisingly, baby boomers are big on...

    American Apartment Owners Association

    Every rental property owner needs a landlord association. At American Apartment Owners Association (AAOA), our mission is to serve the interests of landlords, real estate brokers, property managers, real estate owners and apartment building owners nationally.
    Rental property management can be very demanding. Our job is to make this day-to-day property management process smoother. We take pride in offering comprehensive landlord help so you can attain your goals.
    The American Apartment Owners Association provides a range of features from tenant screening services and tenant background checks to landlord rental application forms and apartment financing. We also provide full access to over 120,000 local contractors nationwide. These resources and more, including tenant background check, tenant eviction reports, and debt collection services, are provided to landlords, property managers, and investors in the following U.S. states: ALABAMA (AL), ALASKA (AK), ARIZONA (AZ), ARKANSAS (AR), CALIFORNIA (CA), COLORADO (CO), CONNECTICUT (CT), DELAWARE (DE), DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA (DC), FLORIDA (FL), GEORGIA (GA), HAWAII (HI), IDAHO (ID), ILLINOIS (IL), INDIANA (IN), IOWA (IA), KANSAS (KS), KENTUCKY (KY), LOUISIANA (LA), MAINE (ME), MARYLAND (MD), MASSACHUSETTS (MA), MICHIGAN (MI), MINNESOTA (MN), MISSISSIPPI (MS), MISSOURI (MO), MONTANA (MT), NEBRASKA (NE), NEVADA (NV), NEW HAMPSHIRE (NH), NEW JERSEY (NJ), NEW MEXICO (NM), NEW YORK (NY), NORTH CAROLINA (NC), NORTH DAKOTA (ND), OHIO (OH), OKLAHOMA (OK), OREGON (OR), PENNSYLVANIA (PA), RHODE ISLAND (RI), SOUTH CAROLINA (SC), SOUTH DAKOTA (SD), TENNESSEE (TN), TEXAS (TX), UTAH (UT), VERMONT (VT), VIRGINIA (VA), WASHINGTON (WA), WEST VIRGINIA (WV), WISCONSIN (WI), WYOMING (WY).

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    Bill G.

    Bill G. – Tampa, FloridaThe AAOA is a wealth of information. I have been an apartment owner for nearly 40 years and have…Read more >

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