Landlord Credit Check Provides Crucial Information to Screen Rental Applicants

Landlord credit check information supplies landlords with critical information needed to choose the best-qualified applicants. When landlords realize the importance of obtaining comprehensive landlord credit reports there is less chance of renting to the nightmare tenant.

Avoid renting to unqualified prospective tenants with comprehensive landlord credit check services

You want to feel confident that the keys to your rental properties go to the right applicants. However, in today’s world of criminals looking for the next property to conduct illicit activities, you can no longer judge a person by what they say. You cannot rent your property with just a handshake to avoid scammers and savvy fraudsters. The only way to ensure that you rent to the best-qualified applicants is to conduct a comprehensive landlord credit check on every adult.

Prospective Tenants can hide unqualified co-applicants if you do not run a landlord credit check on every adult and not just the primary applicant.

Applicants may insist that other adults need not complete any of the landlord credit checks for a number of reasons that should raise red flags when you hear the excuses. Perhaps the applicant says their significant other will not be responsible for paying the rent so there is no need to include their information on the rental application. It is imperative that you protect your investment in your rental properties. One way to do this is by running the full array of landlord credit check reports provided by the American Apartment Owners Association on every adult applicant.

American Apartment Owners Association Provides Landlord Credit Check Free with Every Screening Package

When you choose AAOA to provide all your landlord credit check screening packages you receive the basic landlord credit report free of charge. The American Apartment Owners Association is the trusted name in providing landlord credit checks. As the largest apartment owners association in the country, AAOA knows the importance of providing comprehensive landlord credit check service that surpasses all others. Once you obtain your landlord credit check free of charge, it is time to access results from all the other landlord credit check results.

Landlord Credit Check

A landlord credit report alone is not enough to get the comprehensive results you need to screen your rental applicants

The credit report that you obtain from one of the credit reporting agencies may seem enough for you to determine your best-qualified applicants. However, the fact is that the landlord credit check form is only one aspect of the thorough landlord credit check process. When you obtain all your landlord credit reports from AAOA, you no longer have to risk losing qualified applicants who move on while you play the waiting game with slow credit reporting agencies. Get the landlord credit check form authorized much faster with AAOA. We simply send each applicant an email, direct him or her to our site where the applicant verifies his or her identity and authorizes releasing the landlord credit report to you.

Get all the landlord credit check information needed to weed out unqualified applicants. Allow your qualified applicants to rise to the top of the applicant pool with comprehensive AAOA landlord credit check service information. These essential landlord credit reports give you the information you need to choose the best rental applicants. AAOA understands that you need comprehensive landlord credit check results quickly so we often provide reports in real time, comprised of the most up-to-date information.

Eviction History – The credit report itself provides information related to an applicant’s credit history but not the eviction history. Learn whether your applicant has an eviction history by including the eviction history report with all your landlord credit check packages.

Criminal History – Criminals sometimes move from one rental property to another to hide from law enforcement or to set up their illicit activities at a new location. Learn whether your applicant is a convicted criminal when you elect to include the criminal history in your landlord credit reports.

Terrorist and Sex Offender – Discover whether your applicant has a record for terrorist or sex offender offenses with these federal landlord credit checks.

Social Security Number Fraud – Identity theft is the fastest growing crime in America according to the U.S. Postal Inspection Service. People who steal the identity of another may use it to rent from unsuspecting landlords. Do not become a victim of a perpetrator of identity theft. Including the social security number fraud check with your landlord credit report packages ensures that your applicant’s name and social security number match.

Conducting comprehensive landlord credit check searches are crucial to selecting the best-qualified rental applicants.

Get the landlord credit report information you need when you need it from AAOA – the go-to source for all your landlord credit checks.