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New Hampshire Tenant Screening Background Checks

New Hampshire Tenant Screening Background Checks are imperative for every New Hampshire landlord to conduct each time that a prospective tenant applies to rent one of your New Hampshire rental properties. The days when you could simply talk to an applicant and get a feeling for whether the person was honest and truthful in the information given during the application process are long gone. New Hampshire landlords must take every effort to carefully and thoroughly screen every rental applicant as well as every other adult who will live on the premises. New Hampshire Tenant Screening Background Checks provides you with the crucial background checks that allows you to perform essential background checks but enables you to cross-reference each of the New Hampshire Tenant Screening Background Check records with the other background check information. You will quickly get a clear picture of whether your potential tenant is honest and forthcoming in all the information given on the application or whether the applicant is dishonest, clearly giving false information or otherwise has something to hide.

The American Apartment Owners Association features variety of comprehensive tenant screening packages to meet your tenant screening needs as a New Hampshire landlord. Credit reports are essential when trying to find information regarding the applicant’s history of paying bills in a timely manner. It does not provide details of the applicant’s rental history or eviction history. New Hampshire landlords must include the Eviction History in their New Hampshire Tenant Screening Background Checks in order to learn whether the applicant has a history of evictions. The Telecheck Verification also lets you know if your applicant has a history of writing bad checks or fraudulent checks.

When an applicant tries to hide a former address, it is usually because there is an eviction or perhaps the tenant caused damage to the property or owes the landlord money for past due rent. Use the Previous Address Tenant History to learn whether the previous addresses that your applicant listed during the application process match up with the previous addresses revealed during the search.

Including the Criminal History search on each of your applicants, not just the primary applicant, will prevent potential nightmares if you get results that the applicant or co-applicant has a criminal history. When only one potential applicant completes the application process, you are risking the possibility that the parties who do not complete the process have a criminal record or poor rental history. Criminal history is not just revealed when you conduct a local records search; you must include comprehensive New Hampshire Tenant Screening Background Checks that includes a criminal history search by state and federal levels. Including the Sex Offender Search along with the Terrorist search when conducting the thorough New Hampshire Tenant Screening Background Checks keeps serious criminal offenders out of your rental properties, safeguards other tenants as well as your reputation as a landlord who only rents to the best-qualified applicants.

The American Apartment Owners Association makes conducting your New Hampshire Tenant Screening Background Checks a quick and easy process with all the right background checks crucial to you as a landlord of New Hampshire rental properties. Whether you have one or a hundred and one rental properties, conducting the New Hampshire Tenant Screening Background Checks is critical for protecting your properties from unqualified applicants with potential for using the property as a haven for illegal activity. You not only protect your properties; you also protect other tenants and innocent bystanders from potential harm which can result in a legal finding that you are responsible if one of your tenants injures another while living in your New Hampshire rental property.

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The American Apartment Owners Association provides tenant screening background checks nationwide. Looking for a tenant screening report in a state other than New Hampshire? Visit our tenant background checks page to learn more.