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New Hampshire Landlord Forms are imperative for landlords to have on hand at all times. Having basic forms as well as more comprehensive New Hampshire Landlord Forms always available ensures that you have the right form at the right time. The most basic New Hampshire Landlord Form is the Residential Rental Agreement. Having the written lease agreement details all the terms of the rental agreement including the responsibilities of the parties during the tenancy. The signature of each of the parties to the rental agreement serves as proof that the parties agree to the terms of the rental agreement and can serve as evidence in legal proceedings related to the tenancy.

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There are times when a landlord may need to add some detail to the terms of the rental agreement. The Addendum to Rental Agreement provides landlords with the means of adding an addendum to the lease as long as it does not significantly modify the original terms of the rental agreement. Perhaps you want to change hours that tenants have access to the laundry room or pool. Maybe tenants must now abide by designated parking. These examples demonstrate the essential need for including the addendum with your New Hampshire Landlord Forms.

The Move In/Move Out Checklist is essential to have on hand for every tenancy. The Move In checklist provides landlords and tenants the means to document the condition of the property prior to the tenant moving in. Both tenant and landlord go through the premises and note any damage or any item designating the need for repair. Both parties sign the Move In and the Move Out Checklist. When the tenant moves out, the Move Out Checklist again details the condition of the premises, noting damage or needs for repairs beyond normal wear and tear to the property.

As a landlord you likely have the need to occasionally enter your rental properties including the occupied properties. You cannot just show up at any time demanding entry, except in event of the need for making emergency repairs. The Notice of Entry provides landlords with the essential form for properly notifying tenants in advance of your intent to enter the premises. It is important to note that you cannot abuse your right of access to the premises.

New Hampshire Landlord Forms also direct the tenant to take a specific action or to stop a specific action. Include the Past Due Rent notice in your New Hampshire Landlord Forms to inform the tenant that the rent is past due. When a tenant fails to pay rent even after receiving a Past Due Rent notice, American Apartment Owners Association makes it easy to proceed along the path leading to eviction of a poor tenant, should the need arise. The Notice to Pay Rent Or Quit gives the tenant the required notice to either pay all past due rent or vacate the premises within the designated time period. Notification of Termination of Tenancy informs the tenant that the lease is terminated effective on a specific date.

Many landlords prefer to forgo the hassle of drawing up their own rent receipt or paying attorney fees so they include the formal rent receipt in with their New Hampshire Landlord Forms. The rent receipt provides all the required legal details, including date, amount of rent paid and any remaining amount due listed on a specific date.

The Disposition of Security Deposit describes the amount of the security deposit that is forwarded to the tenant after the termination of the tenancy. Each Disposition of Security Deposit will also explain any deductions from the security deposit, along with the amount remitted.

It does not matter if you are just starting out as a landlord of one or more New Hampshire rental properties or if you are a seasoned landlord with many New Hampshire rental properties. The need for essential New Hampshire Landlord Forms is still the same. Every landlord needs professionally created landlord forms that not only gives details of the specific situation or details but provides legal documentation should the need ever arise. When you always have essential basic and the more comprehensive New Hampshire Landlord Forms on hand, you can feel confident that you will have the right form when you need it.

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