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Minnesota Tenant Screening Background Checks

American Apartment Owners Association understands your Minnesota Tenant Screening needs. The variety of tenant screening packages as well as the option to customize your own screening package offers you perfect options for conducting comprehensive Minnesota Tenant Screening.

Unfortunately, every applicant is not honest and comprehensive tenant screening is crucial so that you can quickly eliminate unqualified applicants. Save money with your Minnesota Tenant Screening with the complimentary credit report that is provided at no charge with every Minnesota Tenant Screening package. You also can pass the cost of the Minnesota Tenant Screening on to the applicant since 504B.173 provides that landlords can charge an “applicant screening fee” to rental applicants. Landlords must abide by all the requirements associated with applicant screening fees under Minnesota Landlord Tenant Law.

It is important that landlords understand that the applicant’s eviction history is not included in the standard credit report. With the Eviction History Report, you can uncover the applicant’s past eviction history and determine if the tenant was truthful about any previous evictions. Match previous addresses when you check the results of the Previous Address Tenant History. The SSN Fraud Report verifies that your applicant is who they claim to be. Incidents of identity theft are on the rise and the SSN Fraud Report gives you the information you need to determine if the applicant may be committing identity theft when applying to rent one of your properties. Criminals use a variety of shady tactics to hide their identity and their crimes; identity theft is just one aspect of their potential illegal actions.

The Criminal History Report gives you the details to discover if the applicant has a criminal background and the nature of the crimes. Discover whether the offenses were minor misdemeanors or major crimes. Including the terrorist search and the sex offender search in your Minnesota Tenant Screening provides you with the information regarding any offenses that your applicants have committed that violates sex offender or terrorist laws. Even in the event that an individual is charged with sex offender or terrorist crimes, they are often released on bail, pending a later court date. Protect yourself, your properties and potentially protect other lives when you check every applicant for sex offender and terrorist crimes, then quickly eliminate them from consideration as prospective tenants. You will also protect your reputation as a landlord who rents to qualified applicants that abide by the Minnesota Landlord Tenant Laws as well as criminal codes on the local, state and federal level when you conduct comprehensive Minnesota Tenant Screening.

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The American Apartment Owners Association provides tenant screening background checks nationwide. Looking for a tenant screening report in a state other than Minnesota? Visit our tenant background checks page to learn more.