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Minnesota Landlord Tenant Laws are set forth in the Minnesota Statutes, Chapter 504B, Landlord and Tenant. The rights and responsibilities of the parties to a landlord tenant agreement are provided in the statutes as well as remedies in the event that one of the parties violates Minnesota Landlord Tenant Law.

No part of this information is meant to serve as a substitute for legal advice. Should you have questions regarding Minnesota Landlord Tenant Law or if you believe you have a case under these statutes, you should consult an attorney.

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Minnesota Landlord Forms provide you with every form you will need during the course of each tenancy. The lease is the most important document in the landlord tenant relationship. The professionally created lease agreement provided by American Apartment Owners Association will save you the costs associated with having your attorney draw up your residential rental agreement. It will also comply with the Minnesota Landlord Tenant Laws regarding the wording of residential rental agreements. A landlord of more than 12 rental properties is required to provide a written lease to each tenant, according to 504B.11. The landlord must give tenants a copy of the lease to each tenant whose signature is on the lease. If the landlord fails to provide a tenant with a written copy of the lease, in accordance with 504B.115, Subdivision 2 provides that “it is a defense for the tenant to prove that the landlord failed to comply with subdivision 1.”

Landlords have a right to lawfully enter the property for the purpose of making necessary repairs, to show the property, if the landlord is making an inspection or for other purposes permitted under Minnesota Landlord tenant laws. Including the Notice of Entry in your Minnesota Landlord Forms satisfies the requirement that you make a “good faith effort” to notify tenants that you need to access the premises. Providing the Notice of Entry can also protect you against 504B.211 Subdivision 6, which provides that a landlord violating the right of access that the tenant is entitled to “penalty which may include a rent reduction up to full rescission of the lease, recovery of any damage deposit…and up to a $100 civil penalty for each violation.”

Minnesota Landlord Tenant Law also requires that landlords provide a rent receipt to each tenant. The Office of Minnesota Attorney General explains that when a rent payment is made in cash, the landlord “must provide a written receipt for payment immediately upon receipt if the payment is made in person.” If the rent payment in cash is not made in person, then Minnesota Landlord Tenant Law requires that a receipt is provided “three business days if payment in cash is not made in person.” Comply with these statutes when you purchase the Rent Receipts along with your other Minnesota Landlord Forms.

Provide your tenants with the Extension of the Lease, Addendum to the Rental Agreement and Notice of Changes in Terms of tenancy as needed when you always have these essential Minnesota Landlord Forms readily available. The Past Due Notice, Notice to pay Rent or Quit, Notice to Perform or Quit, Notice of Termination of Tenancy gives you the professionally created Minnesota Landlord Forms needed to provide proper notice to tenants who violate the terms of the lease or other Minnesota Landlord Tenant Laws.

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