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IoT in Real Estate: How Demand for IoT-enabled Technology is Transforming Rental Properties

We live in a time of change — generational and technological. These changes can affect many current markets, including real estate. In 2023, Gen Z and their predecessors, Gen Y (millennials) are driving the demand for smart apartment technology. They grew up with the Internet of Things (IoT), meaning internet-connected smartphones and devices. So robust internet connectivity and property-wide wi-fi are an expectation, not an amenity.

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In this webinar, Rebecca Peterson, Group Product Manager, and Himanshu Caplash, Senior Product Manager, for Access Controls at LiftMaster, will explain this generational shift and how owners can introduce IoT-enabled tech to their properties and attract high-value renters. Renters will pay up to $30.00 more a month in rent to get them.