Rental Background Checks

A Comprehensive Rental Background Check is Crucial When Screening Every Rental Applicant

The rental background check is the most thorough tool that landlords have when screening prospective tenants. No landlord wants to rent to poorly qualified applicants. When you conduct rental background checks on every applicant, you allow your most-qualified applicants to rise to the top of the applicant pool. You can also tell your unqualified applicants, “It is already rented” after you review the results of the rental background and credit check.

The American Apartment Owners Association is your go-to source for all your rental background check needs.

The American Apartment Owners Association recognizes that your time as a landlord is valuable. You should not have to go back and forth with credit reporting agencies over whether your rental applicant really did authorize you to request a rental background check. Even after you do prove the applicant authorized the release of their rental credit report, the credit reporting agencies make you wait even longer until they finally get around to sending you the rental background checks on your applicants. Avoid playing the credit reporting agency waiting games when you rely on American Apartment Owners Association for all your rental background checks packages. In fact, each time you order your rental background check from AAOA, you receive the credit report, an important component of the rental background check free of charge.

When you trust AAOA for all your rental background checks, you get the most up-to-date rental background check results available.

Tenants may try to quickly rent another property after an eviction, assuming a prospective landlord will not have the information yet. Applicants may also assume that a landlord will only order the basic rental background check, which is usually considered just the credit report. When you include the comprehensive reports available from AAOA, you get the information you need in real time, every time. The only exception is that the credit report is not in real time. However, you get the credit report as soon as possible after your applicant responds to AAOA email, requesting identity verification and authorization to release the credit report portion of the rental background check information to you. The other searches included in your choice of rental background checks packages determine the crucial information that you receive on each of your rental applicants.

Rental Background Checks

Never skimp or cut corners on rental background checks since the cost of conducting the rental background check is often passed on to the applicant.

There is no need to cut corners in an effort to save costs on the rental background check process. The costs associated with conducting the crucial rental background and credit check is often passed on to the prospective tenant. If an applicant is truthful when applying to rent one of your properties and sincerely desires to use the property as their home, the applicant should have no problem paying for the rental background check. Remember that you already get the credit report free of charge. Therefore, the prospective tenant pays for the remainder of the rental background checks, allowing you to avoid skimping on obtaining the crucial rental background check information you need.

Previous Address Tenant History – Tenants may try to hide one or more previous addresses that reveals evictions, criminal activity on the premises or other pertinent information that typically results in a poorly qualified tenant history. Discover whether your applicant omitted previous addresses when completing the rental application.

Eviction History – The credit report does not reveal an eviction history. When you include the eviction history report with your rental background checks, you learn whether the applicant has a history of evictions.

Criminal History – Including the criminal history with each of your rental background checks gives you details of an applicant’s criminal record. You can search criminal records by state or on the national level.

Terrorist and Sex Offender – Terrorists and sex offenders often move around to avoid detection. Including these crucial federal searches in every rental background check helps protect your investment in your rental properties. Do not risk the embarrassment of learning too late that you rented to a terrorist or sex offender.

Social Security Number Fraud Check – The social security number fraud check provides vital information regarding the identity of your applicant. It determines if the social security number given by your applicant matches the name on file for that social security number. Match other crucial social security-related information by including the social security number fraud check with all your rental background checks.

Trust AAOA for all your rental background check needs.

When you need comprehensive rental background checks in real time, AAOA provides the services you need when you need them.