Landlord Background Check

Landlord Background Check Provides Comprehensive, Reliable Results When Screening Rental Applicants

When conducting landlord background checks, the landlord must take precautions not to skimp on the screening process. It is imperative to thoroughly screen every adult applicant. Conducting the most comprehensive landlord and credit check on each applicant saves time and potential expensive fees associated with evicting the nightmare tenant later. The American Apartment Owners Association is the largest apartment owners association in the country and the go-to source for all your landlord background check needs. AAOA recognizes that your time is valuable and that is one of the reasons that you get results for all your landlord background checks quickly, often in real-time.

The Landlord Background Check provides landlords with crucial information needed to thoroughly screen all rental applicants.

Get up-to-date information on every applicant who applies to rent one of your properties. You no longer have to sit and wait on slow credit reporting agencies to provide you with a credit report. When conducting a landlord background check on an applicant you need much more than just a credit report. The credit report can supply details regarding the applicant’s ability and willingness to pay bills on time, but does not provide the comprehensive landlord background check information you need to determine the best applicant for your rental property. You need the comprehensive information that you can easily obtain when purchasing one of AAOA screening packages that best suits your landlord credit and background check needs.

It is imperative that you never accept any type of landlord credit and background check information, documents or forms from a prospective tenant. These documents can easily be created on a home computer or contain forged signatures, allegedly signed by alleged former landlords. Avoid making telephone calls to telephone numbers to speak with alleged former landlords as part of the landlord background check. An unqualified applicant can give you a telephone number of a friend or other person instead of the former landlord.

Forget about paying expensive attorney fees when conducting landlord background checks since the cost of landlord background checks for tenants are often passed on to the tenant.

There is no need to skimp on the landlord background check package to screen your rental applicants since the cost is often passed on to the tenant. If the tenant truly wants to rent your property, you will likely not experience any issues with getting the applicant to pay for the landlord background check. But even if you do not charge your tenant the full cost of running the landlord background and credit check, it is still important that you not skimp on conducting thorough landlord background checks on each applicant.

Landlord Background Check

Conducting thorough landlord background checks is crucial to ensuring that you rent to the best-qualified applicant.

The landlord background check services provided by the American Apartment Owners Association gives you the comprehensive results you need when screening every one of your rental applicants.

Credit report – A credit report gives you information regarding a prospective tenant’s payment history. It does not provide other landlord background check information, however. You must obtain the more comprehensive landlord background checks for tenants to get the thorough information you need.

Eviction History – Obtaining an eviction history goes a long way when conducting landlord background checks. The eviction history reveals whether a prospective tenant has a history of evictions and how recently the eviction occurred. Including the eviction history in your AAOA landlord background checks is crucial to determine whether your applicant qualifies to rent one of your properties.

Criminal History – Including the criminal history in your landlord background check package provides the criminal record of each of your adult applicants. Do not rely on a local search on your personal computer. That likely gives you limited local information, such as misdemeanor offenses. Search by state or on a national level to determine if your applicant has a serious criminal history.

Terrorist and Sex Offender Search – More extensive searches reveal other potential crimes such as whether applicants have a criminal history for terrorist or sex crime offenses.

Previous Address Tenant History – When conducting landlord background checks, knowing the true previous address history often helps landlords determine whether the applicant told the truth when giving former addresses or if the applicant blatantly lied, leaving out a former address in attempt to hide a poor rental history.

Social Security Number Fraud Check – Compare the social security number given by your applicant with the results when you search that number. Make sure the name and numbers match to avoid the potential that your applicant is perpetrating identity theft.

Trust all your landlord background check needs to American Apartment Owners Association, the trusted source in landlord background checks.