Kentucky Tenant Screening Background Checks

Screening every adult applicant is crucial before you hand the keys to one of your Kentucky rental properties to a new tenant. The days when you could talk to an applicant and get a feel for whether the person was honest and truthful in the information given to you are gone. Criminals and scammers are smooth-talkers who know the right words to say and the demeanor to use when talking to you on the telephone or in person. A simple handshake that used to represent honest dealings between the parties is no longer trustworthy, especially when your property and reputation are at stake.

Kentucky Tenant Screening Background Checks are critical to weeding out unqualified applicants. You cannot just rely on a credit report to determine if your prospective tenant will pay the rent and take care of your rental property. While a credit report is still necessary to let you know whether each applicant demonstrates responsibility for paying bills on time, it does not mean that you will have your rent on time and it does not mean that the prospective tenant will take care of the property.

When you conduct more comprehensive Kentucky Tenant Screening Checks, you get the most comprehensive information about applicants in minimal time. American Apartment Owners Association offers a variety of comprehensive tenant screening packages to meet your needs as a landlord of Kentucky rental properties. The Previous Address Tenant History will either verify the former addresses that the applicant gave you or will tell you that the applicant is attempting to keep you from knowing about a previous address. When an applicant tries to hide a former address, it is usually because there is a reason such as eviction or perhaps the tenant caused damage to the property or owes the landlord money. You can take the information further by including a state-specific or nationwide Eviction History in your tenant screening background checks package.

Criminals are often very savvy when trying to convince a landlord that they are good tenants who will live in your rental property and not disturb other tenants or anyone else in the neighborhood. Criminals sometimes use rental properties for conducting the sale or manufacture of illicit drugs, prostitution or other illegal activities. They can go from one rental property to the next. When you conduct a criminal records check by including the Criminal History with your Kentucky Tenant Screening Backgrounds Checks, American Apartment Owners Association gives you the option to conduct a criminal background check that is your option of a state specific or a nationwide search. Criminals not only go from one rental property to another in the same city, they often have the means to quickly change location by moving to another state in attempt to stay one step ahead of law enforcement. The nationwide criminal history search will give you the peace of mind that you are not renting to a tenant with a criminal record in another state or a wanted fugitive from another area.

Make your background checks even more extensive by including a search for terrorist offenses and a sex offender search in your Kentucky Tenant Screening Background Checks. These checks are crucial in today’s world and will give you the confidence that you are not renting to someone with terrorist toes or to a known sex offender.

Another means of hiding a poor rental history or criminal background is by giving a false social security number. Your applicant could also be committing identity theft. Avoid letting this happen to you when you conduct the Social Security Number Fraud Check.

Get the results of each of your Kentucky Tenant Screening Background Checks quickly and with confidence that the information you receive is up-to-date from the latest records.

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The American Apartment Owners Association provides tenant screening background checks nationwide. Looking for a tenant screening report in a state other than Kentucky? Visit our tenant background checks page to learn more.