Connecticut Tenant Screening Background Checks

When performing a rental application, landlords will oftentimes require a Connecticut tenant screening. Tenant screening is another process that helps landlords ensure that they are getting the best and most responsible tenants to rent their property or unit.

There are a few small things to note about tenant screening.

  • It is likely that the tenant will be charged the fee in order to have the screening done. Landlords may not charge an additional fee and may only charge the amount that it costs to have the screening completed.
  • Landlords reserve the right to refuse tenancy to any potential tenant they see fit.
  • Landlords must notify the tenants ahead of time what types of information may keep them from being accepted into a rental agreement.
  • Some of the most common things that the screening will check for are:
    • A criminal background check—most landlords do not want anything illegal on their property.
    • A credit check—to make sure that the tenant is going to pay their rent in a responsible and timely manner.
    • A previous rental check—to make sure the tenant does not have a bad background in renting.
  • If a landlord refuses to offer tenancy to a potential tenant for reasons regarding the screening, they must give written reasoning for why the tenant has been rejected.

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The American Apartment Owners Association provides tenant screening background checks nationwide. Looking for a tenant screening report in a state other than Connecticut? Visit our tenant background checks page to learn more.