Tenant Background Check

The results of the tenant background check is the most important aspect of deciding which rental applicant you should permit to live in one of your rental properties. Some landlords realize that tenant background checks are crucial to conduct each time that a new rental applicant is screened. Other landlords fail to realize the importance of relying on a comprehensive tenant background check service for all their screening needs. If you fail to have every prospective tenant complete the necessary tenant background check form, you may realize your mistake too late. Applicants sometimes hope to encounter a landlord who fails to take the proper steps to perform necessary screening so they can continue their history of failing to pay rent or not taking care of the property.

Trust the comprehensive tenant background check service provided by the American Apartment Owners Association for the knowledge and satisfaction of relying on the largest landlord association in the country for all your tenant background check needs.

Applicants who seriously want to live in one of your rental properties expect that landlords likely charge an application or screening fee. There are only a few states where landlord tenant laws set limits on the amount that landlords can charge for tenant background checks. If you are unsure about the laws in your state, check the landlord tenant laws where your rental properties are located. Overall, most good rental applicants expect that the cost of the tenant background check will be passed on to them. Whether you provide the tenant background check free of charge to prospective tenants or you charge applicants a fee, you must conduct crucial tenant background checks on every adult applicant to better ensure renting to the best applicant.

The American Apartment Owners Association knows that you only want to rent to the best-qualified applicants, so we provide the most up-to-date results, often in real time. Many of our customer reviews verify that AAOA provides comprehensive tenant background checks that are easy to access, with options that meets their specific needs.

Tenant Background Check

Landlords must go beyond information on a basic tenant background check form to weed out unqualified applicants.

Many landlords still rely on intuition when speaking to an applicant or still rely on a credit check for making the decision on which applicant should get the keys to the rental property. The result is often tenants who habitually damage rental properties, fail to pay rent on time or criminals who use rental properties to conduct criminal activities on the premises. Do not risk renting to the wrong applicant – rely on AAOA for all your tenant background checks. The information you receive gives you all the results you need, when you need them.

Credit report – As part of AAOA service to landlords, we provide the credit report free of charge with every tenant background check package. While the credit report tells you whether the applicant pays bills on time, it does not provide the overall crucial information necessary to determine the best-qualified applicant.

Eviction History – Only the eviction history report reveals whether your applicant has a history of evictions. Remember that you can usually pass the cost of conducting the cost of tenant background checks on to applicants, so it is imperative to screen every adult applicant.

Criminal History – Conduct a criminal history check on every applicant when you choose a package that screens for detailed criminal history on state or national levels.

Terrorist and sex offender searches – Searching local or even state-specific criminal history results is often not enough in today’s world of criminals conducting acts or threatened acts of terrorism and sex offenders preying on the most vulnerable. Choose a tenant background check package to include terrorism and sex offender searches to avoid renting to these criminals that prey on others.

Social Security Number Fraud– Social security number fraud is a primary component often used when perpetrating crimes such as identity theft. Other situations of social security number fraud occur when a wanted criminal or someone with a history of evictions simply makes up a social security number in attempt to prevent landlords from discovering their true background. Match the name and social security number given by the applicant as well as other crucial identifying information.

Relying on just one tenant background check source saves you time and money over relying on an attorney or credit reporting agencies to supply part of your tenant background checks.

Remember that you can conduct your tenant background check free to the applicant or pass the cost along to each applicant. Read customer comments to get the satisfaction that you receive comprehensive tenant background check results when you need them.