Month-to-Month Tenant's Termination Letter

Month-to-Month Tenant's Termination Letter

What is a Month-to-Month Tenant's Termination Letter ?
A month-to-month lease termination form provides the tenant with notice (usually one month's notice, although you may opt to give more than one month's notice) that you will not be renewing his or her month-to-month lease.

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Whether you want to sell the apartment, renovate or remove tenants who have been problematic, there are many reasons for terminating a month-to-month lease for a rental property. Terminating a lease can be unpleasant, but it does not need to be when you use a month-to-month termination letter to communicate the news to renters. Find out what a typical lease termination letter should include and how you should complete this form when the time comes.

The letter should state the date the tenancy will end and provide instructions for move-out. For instance, if you would like the tenant to drop the keys in the mailbox, state that. If you will be performing a move-out inspection and would like the tenant to be present for the walkthrough, put it in writing. Setting expectations in the letter helps tenants comply with your move-out instructions, which increases the odds they will get their entire security deposit back.

The lease termination letter usually provides instructions to tenants on the return of their security deposit and states the time frame in which tenants should expect their security refund (usually within 30 days of move-out).

Many landlords provide a reason for renters as to why the lease is being terminated — as this can prevent hurt feelings or retaliatory behavior from tenants who are upset they're losing their rental. While this is not required it is appreciated, as is advance notice if you rent properties in a crowded market where renters may experience difficulty finding a new place to live.

Get a Customizable Lease Termination Form

American Apartment Owners Association offers customizable forms for landlords, including a month-to-month lease termination notice. Every form in AAOA's landlord form library has been vetted for accuracy by legal and real estate professionals, which means you can rely on its integrity. What's more, many forms are free for AAOA members.

When you create your own form, you risk leaving out a critical detail or running afoul of state or federal laws regarding landlord-tenant relations. With something as critical as lease termination, you deserve certainty that you have done everything right. In the event a renter does not leave and you need to take the issue to court, the court will check that you followed protocol when you gave the renter notice.

If you created your own form to terminate a lease, there is a risk that the court will decide you did not follow the laws for giving notice, and it may invalidate your 30-day-notice-to-quit letter, siding with your tenants. This can be avoided when using AAOA's customizable form to give notice, because the court will have proof you followed all applicable laws.

The lease termination form contains standard language to end the lease. To use the form at your rental, simply download it, complete your personal information and property information, add the renter's name, and provide the date on which the lease will end and optional reason for ending the lease.

AAOA makes it easy to obtain the form you need for a low price, quickly complete landlord-tenant paperwork, and manage your rentals with less stress. Order your form here.

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