Wisconsin Landlord Tenant Law

Wisconsin Landlord Tenant Law is provided in Wisconsin Statutes, Chapter 704 Landlord and Tenant. Other landlord tenant laws are provided in Chapter ATCP 134, Residential Rental Practices. Wisconsin Landlord Tenant Laws defines terms, sets forth the rights and responsibilities of the parties in a landlord tenant relationship and provides legal remedies for violations of Wisconsin Landlord Tenant Laws.

Wisconsin Landlord Tenant Law

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Wisconsin Landlord Tenant Laws
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Wisconsin Landlord Tenant Law – Security Deposits

There are no statutory limits on the amount of the security deposit under Wisconsin Landlord Tenant Laws; however, the landlord must return the deposit to the tenant within 21 days of termination of the tenancy. If a tenant is approved and does not move in to the property, the landlord does not have to return the deposit. Wisconsin Landlord Tenant Law provides that the landlord can withhold an amount from the security deposit that is equal to damages caused by the tenant and any past due rent amount. Landlords cannot deduct the cost of normal wear and tear from a tenant’s security deposit.

Wisconsin Landlord Tenant Law – Miscellaneous Statutes

Retaliatory eviction – ATCP 134.09 (5) Landlords are not permitted to terminate a tenancy, prevent the automatic renewal of a lease, or constructively evict a tenant by any means including the termination or heat, water or electricity in retaliation against a tenant who reports the landlord for housing code violations, joins a tenant association or who asserts or attempts to assert their rights under any state or local law. Domestic Abuse Protections – 704.14 Landlords are not permitted to evict a tenant solely because the tenant is a domestic violence, sexual assault or stalking victim. However, the tenant can still face eviction for other violations such as non-payment of rent.

Wisconsin Landlord Tenant Laws protect you and your property but also the rights of tenants. Gain the confidence that you are renting to the best applicants with Wisconsin Tenant Screening and that you are further protecting yourself with crucial Wisconsin Landlord Tenant Forms.

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Nationwide Landlord Tenant Laws

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